Exec Says Climate’s Weaponized as Fink Drops the Term ‘ESG’


Project Veritas released an undercover video today exposing the duplicitous nature of ESG. In the clip, Siemens Energy’s Executive Director explains how they profit from the Inflation Reduction Act, which spends money and causes more inflation.

 “Where actually [The Inflation Reduction Act]’s causing inflation because there is a bunch of money being spent… It’s an oxymoron,” says the Director,  Mr. Fangmeier.

Siemens Energy, a $33 billion company, makes its money off gas turbines even though it promotes itself as a green energy company.

Mr. Fangmeier says that CEOs of energy companies will be replaced if they say they will fully comply with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) even if they lose money, even though his company appears to do so publicly.

In 2021, Project Veritas caught a CNN technical director saying they are moving away from COVID, so now they will use climate change to terrify everyone into submission.


Larry Fink

Meanwhile, Language Changes or Real Changes.

Larry Fink said he has stopped using the term “ESG” because it is weaponized. Fink doesn’t seem to understand that HE uses it as a weapon.

ESG’s problem is it allows powerful asset managers and elitists in the globalist organizations to force investors to invest in their ideological products. The ideology won’t disappear if the name changes.

Despite criticisms, Fink told Fox Business that BlackRock invests $380 billion globally in fossil fuel concerns while also investing in renewables favored by the political progressives.

He said that fact had led BlackRock to take incoming fire from both political wings.

On FOX Business, Fink said ESG as a term has been “weaponized by the far left and weaponized by the far right. And we lose the conversation.”

“Our clients are coming to BlackRock more today than ever in history,” Fink added. “So despite all the narrative, because we’re a fiduciary, we do what our clients are asking them, and we have good performance, and we’ve been right on market calls.”

Maybe he could then explain why ALL companies are shoving crazy gender ideology down our throats, along with extremism on climate change and other favored leftist ideals.

Changes at Black Rock

According to Corporate Secretary, BlackRock has announced plans to extend pass-through voting to its largest ETF in a move that would hand retail investors a greater say on company matters. The world’s biggest asset manager said on Monday it would expand its voting choice service to the iShares Core S&P 500 ETF, which has $305 billion in assets under management. Investors in the ETF would have the chance to choose from a range of third-party voting policies, including from ISS and Glass Lewis, or to continue to follow the recommendations of BlackRock’s investment stewardship team. They would not, however, be able to tailor their votes for individual companies.

Vivek explains how the White House uses private actors like BlackRock to implement what they can’t get passed through Congress, label it ESG, and claim it’s good for the environment. NOW: House Republicans to launch an investigation into BlackRock and Vanguard.



  1. Fink is an evil greedy man and an incredibly elitist snob. As you properly state, ESG is the weapon, used by Fink. The fuels we use worldwide are not weapons, they have raised the quality of living for people tremendously. Fink attempts to claim some equivalence between so-called “renewables” and “fossil fuels”. There is no equivalence. Renewables will not work other than in very limited situations, and they also do not pass the economic test. Fink wants to punish humanity and based on his rhetoric appears to be anti-white and anti-Christian.


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