Fake Conservative Paul Ryan on CNBC Calls Trump “Dangerous”


On Wednesday, former House Speaker Paul Ryan characterized Donald Trump’s potential presidential nomination as a “disaster.”  He thinks he can convince Trump’s supporters to back someone other than Trump.

The former Speaker is delusional.

Ryan was on CNBC’s Squawk Box and said, “I’m for anybody not named Trump right now. Anybody not named Trump… because I think we beat Biden for sure if we nominate a Republican not named Trump.”

So, anyone can win but Trump? We’re talking about Asa, Chris, Mike, or Nikki? Don’t think so.

Ryan doesn’t believe Trump can win the general but says he could.

“We haven’t won anything with him since he first won in ’16,” Ryan stated. “We lost the House in ’18, the presidency in ’20, the Senate in ’20, and we could have won the Senate in 2022, but for him.”

Mitch McConnell had a little to do with that Senate loss when he held back $2000 checks during the pandemic. He also held back funds and support for Trump candidates.

The former Speaker calls himself a “never again Trumper.” Ryan doesn’t think Trump can win and is unfit.

It would be dangerous for the Uniparty and their power. The lefties love to air fake conservatives spewing never-Trump one-liners like Trump is dangerous to the country.

That’s not honest. Trump led like a traditional president.

“I’m very clear I don’t think he’s fit, and I don’t think he can win,” Ryan continued. “I mean, he could [win], and that’s dangerous.”

He contradicted himself at one point and said backing another candidate would make Trump’s base “very mad.

Who can forget Paul Ryan praising Nancy Pelosi and her “tremendous legacy.” Ryan said Nancy Pelosi has a career to “be proud of” and a “tremendous legacy.”

He can’t stop himself from insulting Donald Trump and dismissing all Trump supporters. That’s the same mistake Jeb Bush made when he said he was going to win without conservatives.

They just can’t learn. Ryan Republicans would rather have senile authoritarian Joe Biden than Donald Trump.

Ryan passed omnibus bills, did nothing about illegal immigration, and sat on almost every agenda item. Still, Ryan has appointed himself the arbiter of the candidates we can have. It’s delusional thinking as he dismisses millions of Republicans who will disagree.



  1. Interesting. Paul Ryan is near the top of Fox News, but chooses to be interviewed on CNBC, instead. Apparently, he feels safer over at a liberal news network.

    • “Dangerous,” meaning filthy dirty Swamp Rats like RYAN have everything to FEAR by Pres Trump.

      When Pres Trump says, “we either CRUSH the Deep State or the DS will CRUSH America, he is DEAD ON CORRECT.

      btw, I labeled him, “Paul, Great Betrayer Ryan,” LONG before he became speaker. Don’t know that I will EVER forgive Jim Jordan for NOT stepping up. The face of America would look VERY differently today had Ryan NOT be there to perpetually kiss Obama’s Ass.

  2. After all this time, the RINOs still think defeating Trump is the answer. Trump opened peoples eyes, some for the first time, others even wider, to what a sham the Republicans Party is. Defeating Trump would not close all of our eyes.

  3. No, Paul, YOU lost the House in 2018. And Mitch lost the Senate. Furthermore, President Trump won in 2020 but through the dishonesty of those running the elections with election laws openly broken in 5 states and the “in your face” hiding of ballot counting, Puppet Joe Biden was anointed as president.

  4. The claim that Trump cannot win and disrupts conservatism is a long time slogan of the corrupt RINOs. Mitch shares it. Trump being 40 ahead of the widely acclaimed DeSantis and 60 ahead of the rest demonstrates the falsehood. The corrupt GOP “leaders” are now just gaslighters like the dems.

    Ryan has to be considered one of the greatest losers in political history. He went from the most powerful GOP official in the nation, to the most hated one, in 4 years. He drove the party into the ground in 2017-2019, as he sabotaged Trump. He led the inexplicable 50 member resignation and the deliberate loss of majority.

    Ryan the Jesuit has a personal financial interest in attacking Trump. And he is jealous.

  5. Paul Ryan is a pure deep state coward and fraud. And as far as I am concerned, what he and his merry band of RINOS’S did to intentionally give congress to the left to undermine Trump by resigning from the house in a huge block is a form of sedition to this country. This guy is a blight on the republiCANT party. I will tell your from personal experience he is a petty little coward. PLUS, HE LOST A DEBATE TO JOE BIDEN!!!!

    • The deliberate loss of the majority in 2018 should not be forgotten. That was an incredibly corrupt and disloyal act to thwart the needs of the nation and the will of the people.

  6. Obviously a hot topic!!! For
    Starting in January 1995 and for 12 years the Speaker of the House of Representatives was a sensible Republican leader. Newt Gingrich or Dennis Hastert. There has not been such since: We have had Pelosi, Boehner, Ryan and Pelosi again. A very disappointing crowd.
    Paul Ryan? Seemed great as a fiscally conservative congressman trying to keep the budget under control, but as a speaker or a vice-presidential candidate???? Simply a disappointing flop. Out-dueled in a debater by Biden? It sounds like a bad joke, but it was a sad reality.
    And now an influencer at Fox news? Simply more disaster. Still swamp stink.

    • Ryan was never fiscally conservative, that is one of those Faux News fibs. Ryan was a leftist spender. He conceded to Obama the entire time. With Trump he lied, said let this bill go through and we will cut next time.

  7. Says the man who promised “repeal and replace” for years, but didn’t have a plan and only passed an amendment to Obamacare. Ryan, and all those like him, are worried the gravy train will end for them. We truly are in an era of taking from the poor and giving to the rich.

  8. Paul Ryan and his crew taking Fox News right to the bottom. Bye bye. I’ll never forget how Biden smacked him around during those Presidential debates and made Ryan look like a rube.

    • I think you meant “taking Fox News left, to the bottom,” not “right.”

        • Gosh I hope DeSantis never makes it near the White House. The left is funding him, even Democrat Bundlers. McCarthy supports him. When he was a Congressman most of what he says now he was against then. Look up Laura Loomer and DeSantis.

          • Loomer does a poignant job exposing DeSantis. People need to get ahead of the curve, to not rely on that junk Faux News, to not wait until it is too late.

            DeSantis is traveling around, meeting Newsom and Newsom funders, and hiding his trips.

            • Your insights are always appreciated, here. Other than presidential ambitions, however, I don’t see any similarities between Newsom and DeSantis. Florida is a complete success story under DeSantis. He’s possibly the best governor they’ve had there. California, by contrast, is a picture of colossal failures under NWO Newsom. Florida is thriving while California is dying. Their governors are polar opposites.

  9. Ryan… “He thinks he can convince Trump’s supporters to back someone other than Trump.”

    Ryan’s funny… LAUGHING! MD said he’s delusional. NO doubt about that.

    I think they (deep state) (rinos) (dims) are paranoid that Trump will win!

    Rush indicated many times no one but Trump could alienate his supporters because the media did not make Trump. His supporters made him!

    • I recall Ryan has his grand plan, he called it the better way. It was a great increase in government power, huge spending increases, included green energy scams, and took over industries. No one paid attention. Thus guy is a corrupt NWO stooge with an empty head. All he can come up with is “duh Trump not electable, duh Trump bad man”. He cannot articulate any policies.


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