Family Doctor Tells Kids Puberty Blockers Are Reversible


The family doctor in the first clip blatantly lied about the hormones and puberty blockers being reversible. They’re not reversible and common sense should tell people they’re not. We now have a doctor who performs these surgeries in Portland, saying puberty blockers are not reversible.

This woman has to know the truth. She is a family doctor; if she doesn’t know, she certainly should know. It’s evil to lie on this issue.

You can watch the pink-haired doctor explain it’s not reversible in the second clip.


Dr. Blair Peters, a self-described “queer surgeon” with “he/they” pronouns, pink hair, and a “passion” for genital surgeries, says patients face fertility, sexual pleasure, and other lifelong post-op complications.

Peters pointed out the difficulties in providing post-operative care for young patients who have undergone transgender surgeries. Specifically, the surgeon noted the challenges faced by young boys who require repeated painful dilation to prevent their just-created “vaginal” canal from closing up. The intensive and invasive post-operative care for dilation poses a significant barrier for these young patients, especially considering their limited engagement with their genitalia, Malik Graystone reports.

He says his procedures, which include robotics, are experiments, and he’s “figuring out what works.” In five to ten years, he’ll know more.

This monster operates on pre-pubescent children who can’t possibly provide informed consent.



  1. I think she is an obvious pharma advocate. She sees big income ahead, with bigger houses, boats and cars. She sees big jobs in medical boards and government. Her delivery is like a commercial. This is a greedy person.

  2. The concept of reaffirming surgeries is ludicrous and probably criminal. All the plastic that is being performed isn’t changing anything. Am I supposed to chastise an anorexic individual for eating too much because that person perceives themselves as being “fat”, thus “affirming” ones perception of themselves? Of course that would be no more than assuming that persons cloak of delusion, which would be deleterious to that person’s health whether mental or physical. I have patients that have started puberty blockers that resulted in suicide within two months. Also, a man in his 70’s that attempted to affirm his perception as a woman. He is now distraught that he merely mutilated himself. I think that the dollars being spent on this insanity would be best spent on compassionate counseling so that the individuals could accept themselves for who they are. There is no debate on these issues. Anyone who contests the concept of gender affirming care is branded as a hater. Children are easily influenced and confused anyway. To even put a child in a position of questioning who they are in preadolescence is cruel. Those that have any concept of science should follow the science. Continue to debate the science. Nothing is ever settled science. To institute what we are seeing as cash cows for either hospitals doing the surgery, or Planned Parenthood that has acclaimed that hormonal care for a lifetime is a bigger cash cow than performing abortions. Dr “Pink Hair” has forgotten his oath he took when he became a physician to “do no harm”. He even acknowledges that there are so many unknowns that his practice is an evolution of his technique. What about the victims he is leaving in his wake. History will be unkind to those that are defying nature.

    • I think that is very good.

      Look how they go after the vulnerable pre-adolescents, who are already curious about their upcoming changes.


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