Family of Man Killed by the FBI During a Surprise Raid Issues a Statement


The family of Craig Deleeuw Robertson issued a statement defending him after the FBI killed the 75-year-old following multiple social media posts threatening President Joe Biden.

The FBI said he was armed when they raided his home in Provo, Utah, executing a search warrant.

He wrote on Facebook earlier this week that he was planning to clean “the dust off the M24 sniper rifle” because Biden was visiting Utah.

In one post, he wrote, “Perhaps Utah will become famous this week as the place a sniper took out Biden the Marxist.”

Other social media posts featured Robertson, who called himself a MAGA Republican, saying that “the time is right for a presidential assassination or two” while referencing Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

We need to know how this went down, however. Mr. Robertson was elderly and handicapped, and as far as being armed, that’s legal in Utah. It should be legal everywhere.
Craig Robertson, elderly and handicapped

In a statement provided on Thursday to Salt Lake City CBC affiliate KUTV, Robertson’s family said he was a “good and decent man” who was only exercising his “First Amendment right to free speech.”

The full statement follows below:

“We, the family of Craig Deeluew Robertson, are shocked and devastated by the senseless and tragic killing of our beloved father and brother, and we fervently mourn the loss of a good and decent man.

“The Craig Robertson we knew was a kind and generous person who was always willing to assist another in need, even when advanced age, limited mobility, and other physical challenges made it more difficult and painful for him to do so. He often used his expert woodworking skills to craft beautiful and creative items for others, including toys such as sleighs, rocking horses, and bubble gum dispensers for the children of friends and neighbors at Christmas time.

“He was active in his local church congregation and loved the Lord Jesus Christ with all his heart. He was a devoted dog lover all his life, and he lavished his animals with love and affection. He was a lover of history and an avid reader of every kind of book. In his younger years, he was a sportsman and hunter. He was a firearm enthusiast, collector, and gunsmith, who staunchly supported the constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms for the purposes of providing food and protection for his family and home.

“As a safety inspector in the steel industry, he worked diligently and conscientiously to safeguard the lives and well-being of untold thousands who would use, and benefit from, the numerous industrial and public works projects he was responsible for during the course of a decades-long career.

“Craig loved this country with all his heart. He saw it as a God-inspired and God-blessed land of liberty. He was understandably frustrated and distraught by the present and on-going erosions to our constitutionally protected freedoms and the rights of free citizens wrought by what he, and many others in this nation, observed to be a corrupt and overreaching government.

“As an elderly—and largely homebound—man, there was very little he could do but exercise his First Amendment right to free speech and voice his protest in what has become the public square of our age—the internet and social media. Though his statements were intemperate at times, he has never, and would never, commit any act of violence against another human being over a political or philosophical disagreement.

“As our family processes the grief and pain of our loss, we would have it be known that we hold no personal animosity towards those individuals who took part in the ill-fated events of the morning of August 9, 2023, which resulted in Craig’s death. We ask that the media and public respect our family members’ privacy and give us the time and space needed to come to terms with the sad tragedy of these events.”



  1. If we ever get some people in congress with some guts and decides to do away with the crooked FBI, ATF, and this useless homeland insecurity along with all the other armed, useless and arrogant federal agencies, cut 99% of the DOJ, then maybe things will improve. The other bunch that needs to go are all the corrupt jews which comprise most of Biden;s cabinet. I am not anti Semetic and support Isreal all the way but the fews in this country are all left wing dems and should leave.

  2. Can’t blame the FBI. A 5 foot 5inch, morbidly obese 75 year old has just got to be terrifing vision to 15, young and fit, heavily armed FBI Agents.

  3. They chose the path that would most likely give them a chance to execute Craig. It is clearly a message to all who own guns. Our government is rotten to the core and hope for a day where it can be reversed.


  5. The gestapo strikes again you can bet the gestapo had orders to kill this man on sight. The head of the gestapo Herr Wray sits on his ass in Washington lies to the congress every time he goes before them and yet nothing changes.

  6. The corrupt Freaking Bunch of Idiots is sending a message to all of us who hate this traitorous régime. Submit, bow down and keep you mouths SHUT, or you are next for a meet and greet at zero dark thirty!

  7. Reminds me of Ruby Ridge, where the FBI sent in swat teams to a mountain cabin and started off by not announcing themselves, in the woods, in the dark, shooting a young boy’s dog and then the young boy who was out hunting, then surrounding the cabin and shooting a woman carrying an infant….

    All over a shotgun that was sawed off 1/8 inch too short…..

    • Yes… although Ruby Ridge was worse. Weaver hadn’t done a damned thing but refuse to work for the FBI as an informant. They killed his dog, then his son, then his unarmed wife holding her baby in her arms… all on their property. And not one of them ever faced justice.

      This poor guy lost track of what he should and shouldn’t say online when living in a weaponized police state. Truly dumb. But he’d been making these comments for years, about more than just Biden, and had never done anything. A 75 year old man with no mobility… and they murdered him as they invaded his home saying “well how dare he be armed… in his home”.

      Meanwhile, how many school shooters / mass shooters were “on the FBI radar” for making threats, but disregarded and allowed to go on to kill dozens? So threaten to slaughter children in a school, with the means to do so… no problem. Threaten a POS marxist corrupt treasonous usurper, with no legitimate means of actually following through, and they’ll kick down your door and execute you in your home. Welcome to America.

      • It isn’t a crime to say such things, it becomes a crime when you have the ability to carry them out (he didn’t), and take action to carry them out (he never did).

        The FBI has become a Stasi, hunting down political opposition and either eliminating them or imprisoning them on false charges.

        The entire agency needs to be fired, it’s employees barred from any future job in the public sector, the building razed to the ground, the earth salted, and a monument put up on the empty lot to remind everyone of how corrupt a government agency can become for all of posterity


  8. The FBI didn’t even have jurisdiction here. The Secret Service investigates threats against a president.

    This raid was designed as a summary execution…. an unnanounced 6 am swat team raid where the first action is to explode a grenade inside the house, knowing that the subject has arms, and TRYING to elicit a panic response by an armed individual that doesn’t yet even know who is outside.

    He comes to the door armed, and it gives them an excuse to shoot.

    He could have easily been apprehended at his church, where they don’t allow anyone to carry (Mormon church rules)

    They could have contacted him by phone while they waited outside, to tell him they wanted to question/arrest him.

    Killing him was their GOAL, and every choice they made ensured they would have the maximum opportunity to do so

    Welcome to the Police State.

    • They tried the same thing when they raided Alfredo Luna, special ops veteran and police officer….. they surrounded his home with a swat team at 6 am and started firing flash bangs against the outside of his house, expecting that he would arm himself and come outside to see what was going on, and they could shoot him, too.

      Fortunately, he called his department instead, and thus he survived the FBStasi

    • Yes, for sure. They could have contacted him to discuss making such threats. But no, the jackbooted thugs in the DOJ/FBI wanted to send a message. Once we get a decent Prez, a person who believes in our Constitution and God, these criminal fed agencies simply must be abandoned and replaced. The upper level managers must be held responsible for their acts.

    • Sure, and Joe Biden should be allowed to do whatever he pleases to America and Americans. One man allowed to destroy what millions want. Somehow that is not a level playing field.I think our founders, who threw of the yoke of oppression from England’s King, would not agree with you.

    • Nothing gives a gov police force a right to kill citizens without trial. They very easily could have spoken with him to determine his theat level. His age and his partial handicap should have been factors considered. If they had spoken to him and if he at an interview appeared risky, he could have been placed accordingly. NO police force has a right to kill. The truth is this corrupt DOJ/FBI wanted to send a message to anyone criticizing Brandon. You know, Brandon, the worse president in this nation’s history; Brandon the head of the Biden Crime Family based on payments received from foreign govs hidden behind 20 firewalls. That Brandon.

    • Say hail to your king and dear leader Biden.

      Biden threatened us all several times. In one case he told us he had enough of our opposition to the poison jabs. In 2020 Biden said a few times he wanted to punch Trump, so did Pelosi.

    • The sewage spewing forth from the leftist antiAmerican empty skull…who unlike this handicapped elderly man, never did anything for anyone but himself…a real waste if human flesh. America if you think an exterminator is required hearing ilk like this, and seeing iur Government weaponized against its bosses ( us), then you are asleep and a very serious part if the problem. Wake up, arm up, be ready…yes, they look illegitimate, yes they act illegitimate, no it is not isolated events…its EVERY SINGLE DAY THE TREAD OUR LIBERTIES, VIOLATE THEIR SWORN OATHS…THEY ARE HUMAN FILTH. NOW ACT LIKE THEY ARE!

  9. This guy seemed like a time bomb, from his posts. The FBI was well within their duties in attempting to arrest him. If Robertson chose to fire on the Feds, he essentially committed suicide by cop. I’m no fan of our compromised intelligence and justice agencies. But Robertson brought his end upon himself, assuming the FBI’s side of the story is true.

    • The Supreme Court ruled that it is a first amendment right to shout fire in a crowded movie theater.

      Investigating threats against a president is the jurisdiction of the Secret Service, *NOT* the FBI

      A spoken or written threat is not justification for summary execution where there is no credible ability or demonstrated *action* to carry out such a threat

    • Attempting to ‘arrest’ him is one thing; deliberately provoking a situation designed to result in his assassination is another. This was state-sponsored terrorism, an act of cold-blooded murder.

      • It is standard LEO procedure, when dealing with a possible ‘dangerous’ individual, when attempting to apprehend to create a DE-ESCALATED situation in order to bring the individual into custody at a time and place when they are unsuspecting and, therefore, unlikely to act in a threatening manner. The FBI engaged at a time and in a manner MOST likely to provoke a dangerous reaction. Use your brain.

    • They had every opportunity to arrest him. Obviously that wasn’t their intent or they would have. They certainly had no trouble arresting Trump inner circle, praying pastors, or the J6 political prisoners.

    • You just absolved the FBI of guilt in killing a man who could barely walk. What is the FBI side of the story, they provided none? I see a big contradiction in your post. You oppose compromised agencies, but assume a compromised agency’s one liner story on the incident is true.

  10. If it’s true Mr. Robertson actually did write these things in his social media, then law enforcement should have looked into it. It was so wrong for him to write what he wrote, but it was just as wrong for the FBI to go into his house guns blazing. I’m a storng believer in freedom of speech, but what Mr Robertson did is similar to yelling “fire,” in a movie theater or “high jack,” on a jumbo jet…. I also agree with those who have mentioned Madonna, Johnny Depp, Robert Deniro & Kathy Griffith. Unfortunately, until President Trump retakes the White House, and cleans the swamp, this kind of two-tiered justice will continue.

  11. Who in their right mind threatens to kill the President? Had he not made that threat, this never would have happened. We all know the FBI is there to protect Biden. Geez.

      • Yes, but he’s still right. This FBI is there to protect the Biden crime family. And they’re very good at their dirty work because they bury the mountains of evidence.

        I believe the elderly man was a good person in life. He did, however, make a very serious error in judgment with that social media post. We all knew such brazen threats would get you arrested by the syndicate.

        • But if I show a picture on social media holding up the severed head of President Trump like kathy griffen did then that’s all right? What is the difference in a social media post Mr. Robertson did and a severed head picture post griffen did?
          I’ll tell you, it is that our federal government and all the federal alphabet agencies are corrupt to the core and only lean extremely left, because that is where the money is. The fbi is one sick and power drunk gang and needs to be abolished for the good of the country and it citizens.

    • Therefore no judge or jury? Yes, we do all know that the federal policing authorities exist to protect the corrupt establishment…. Which includes our corrupt and evil president.

  12. Shades of Waco and Ruby Ridge. This guy could have been apprehended at any time. Like Jan6, the Christian school massacre, tyhe White House drug find and countless other events, we will never get the real story. Hence, the rise of conspiracy theories. As the ad slogan for the National Enquirer proclaimed, “Inquiring minds want to know.”

  13. When the FBI showed up at his house, did he threaten them with a loaded firearm?

    I saw a video of the event where you cannot see much and you only hear ONE shot; the shot from the FBI, so we know he did not shoot first, the FBI did.

    …If he did threaten the FBI with a loaded weapon, where is the bodycam footage of that ?

    …or is he another Ahley Babbit EXECUTED without any justification ?

  14. What if Mr. Jackson account was hacked? Did anyone even ask him if he actually posted the comment? Proven in a court of law? NOPE.

    How about secure the fucking border instead of executing a frustrated old man.

    • They don’t want to secure the border, they are going to enlist third world people to police Americans just like they are now doing in Chicago

  15. You are all DOOMED!! All you have left now if your faith. Soon when you are all gone and you will be that faith will be gone too… You have been routed, out–flanked and out thought. You gulped your beer, watched your ball games and perhaps attended church. It was not nearly enough and unfortunately you have been programmed to hurt yourselves unwittingly. i’m sorry but you have lost! You haven’t the collective intelligence nor the medal to accomplish the monumental task that ignorance and stupidity has laid out for you. All that remains is last rights and those “rights” will truly be the last…

  16. The DOJ, FBI, IRS, MSM & teacher’s union are domestic terror organizations. This country will no longer be a free country, until they are defunded and dismantled entirety. You cannot have freedom or democracy in a country when its corrupt security services are allowed to indict their opponents, while covering up the crimes of their allies.

    • LOL!! They will NEVER allow that. You will have to terminate them. Your thinking is decades behind the process that has been ongoing while you were sucking down your Schlitz…

  17. If the social media allegations are true, then I have a problem rectifying them with claims that he loved Jesus Christ. I cannot judge his heart. Only God can.

  18. Johnny Depp made threats, Madonna made threats, Susan Sarandan made threats, and Kathy Griffin made threats….Seems those are okay if they are against a conservative.

  19. Ashley Babbitt was unarmed, empty hands visible, and gunned down without so much as a warning. Flat out depraved heart murder.

    They’re pushing past the boundaries of a lawful government right into tyranny where what they did to this crippled up old man with a loud mouth was obviously a hit. There was no reason to actually kill him. Arrest in a neutral location would have accomplished the same. They murdered this guy not because he was a danger but to send a message to all who run their mouths threatening the lawless illegitimate junta and it’s army of henchmen. Shut up or die.

    • There is a blurry video of the event, we hear only one shot, the one from the FBI…so we know the man did not shoot at the FBI…and if he threatened the FBI where is the video of that ?… we don t know but it looks like he was excuted just as Ashley Babbit was.

  20. You just don’t make threats like that to a president… (even an installed one) and as a conservative and a Christian you definitely shouldn’t be making any assassination threats, no matter HOW angry you are.

    now maybe there is more to this story that will come out, but right now, this guy was wrong.

    • Yes he was intemperate and wrong to make these threats on social media. But he should be killed for them? The fbi had him under surveillance since March. They honestly thought he could carry out his words?

    • Why was he wrong? Why is a Christian not supposed to oppose an evil Marxist intent on destroying our nation? Who are you to say what someone should do or not? It is only in how the jackboots interpret their words and who the threat is aimed. It you threaten a consevative like Trump or SCOTUS justices perceived consevative, then that seems to be okay. Just saying. I heard a leftwing news person threaten Trump with death and nothing has happened to him.

    • You immediate premise is wrong, invalidating your post. Lots of people threatened Trump, with no action whatsoever, no nighttime swat raids.

      The FBI was not wrong? They had no jurisdiction. They turned a post into the death of a man who can barely walk.

  21. This Bidumb FBI Goon Squad just showed other elderly, disabled Americans what to expect if they dared to speak out against the criminals in WA DC who rigged elections in order to steal our government.


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