Fani Willis Looks Like the Criminal in the Shaffer Case


On his show last night, Greg Kelly brought up the case of Paul Shaffer. He is going on trial over completely bogus charges leveled at him by leftist district attorney Fani Willis in Georgia.

Kelly had some of what Willis has declared is a crime. The claim is the electors pretended they were police officers.

“On or about the 14th day of December 2020, David, James Shaffer… Committed the felony offense of impersonating, public officer… By unlawfully falsely, holding themselves out as the duly elected and qualified presidential electors…

Kelly has a transcript of a meeting at the time with Georgia electors.

“There is a transcript of the Georgia electors, and Shaffer points out that ‘President Trump has filed a contest to the certified returns. That contest – is pending [and has] not been decided, or even heard by any judge with the authority to hear it. And so in order to preserve his rights, it’s important that the Republican nominees for Presidential Elector meet here today and cast their votes’.”

In other words, it was merely a legal, political move that has been done in the past. There is nothing criminal in this.

Kelly continued. “It’s a contingency, right? If he prevails in court, if he wins that election. And at that point it was still up in the air. This is totally valid…this is what’s called politics… this is not impersonating a public officer. That’s when somebody buys a cop uniform and starts pulling over people to get their kicks. This is not that and it’s such a shame. David Shaffer… I’m sorry. Good luck to you, sir. Fanny Willis I think she’s the criminal.”



  1. This is post-coup America.

    It is now well known that the Georgia GOP run legislature and/or the governor can remove Fani, legally, any day they want to. It is explicit law.

    The establishes the GOP as complicit in the lawless activities.

    We know Fani is an awful person, and an ambitious tool. Focusing on her too much is unhelpful. I am sure Fox News does that to get viewers. Jordan is pretending to investigate her, for votes. The focus belongs on the corrupt Georgia GOP leadership. The GOP and Fox will not focus on that, because, they support that corrupt system.


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