Fascinating Gateway Pundit Interview with J6 Antifa Whistleblower


Army veteran Landon Copeland, an Antifa J6 whistleblower, spoke with a Gateway Pundit reporter. It’s a fascinating interview. He said there were about 100 Antifa at J6, and they were Trump supporters. Copeland said they wanted to resolve rifts with Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, but he said they were fit for war. Copeland thinks they agree on a lot of issues.

Leland Copeland

He indicated about 100 Antifa members were incarcerated, and they were there for Trump. Most of them have minor charges.

Copeland said they never identify themselves as Antifa to law enforcement. He also said they are not communists, but they are anti-government. [Many groups do self-identify as communists and anarchists].

The Utah man pled guilty to felony assault and was sentenced to three years in prison in May. He has already served two years. The prosecutor wanted up to 51 months.

video via Gateway Pundit


Landon Kenneth Copeland, 34, of Hildale, Utah, pleaded guilty to assaulting, resisting, or impeding officers, according to the Department of Justice (DOJ). There are photos of him wrestling with police officers (see below).

The DOJ reported that while another rioter grabbed a Capitol Police officer by his collar or neck, Copeland pushed from behind, causing the officer to fall and sustain injuries to his knee, back, and hip.

“Immediately after the officer fell to the ground, Copeland grabbed a riot shield belonging to one officer and pushed against the police line, the DOJ report stated. “He grabbed another officer’s jacket and grappled with that officer, pushing (him) backward. Then he lowered his body to block other officers as they attempted to control the crowd. Copeland and other rioters joined in a tug of war with officers who attempted to reclaim (a) barricade. As events continued, chemical spray was deployed against members of the crowd. Copeland then charged officers with the barricade, pushing and throwing it into multiple officers.”



  1. Interesting story, but I can’t help wonder that if AntiFa People identified themselves when arrested if they would have walked. How many did Walk? How many Republicans are in Jail for being present and not causing mischief, while Copeland was clearly involved is some acts of aggression and only got 3 years. I wonder if he is a registered Democrat?


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