FBI Hides Treason Allegation Against Joe Biden to Keep the Whistleblower Alive


FBI Director Christopher Wray refused to allow the document that allegedly exposes Joe Biden’s bribery corruption to be made public. According to Rep. Luna, Wray fears the whistleblower will be killed if “unmasked.”

Joe Biden is accused of selling US public policy for money to an unfriendly nation or nations. Last I heard, it’s the worst thing a politician can do. It’s called treason by some.

If the President is this corrupt and has committed treason, there is no excuse not to turn over the document. The FBI could protect the whistleblower. Perhaps Wray’s comment is a threat, a scare tactic, or another fake excuse?

Rep. Jamie Raskin, son of a communist, was in the same meeting with FBI Director Christopher Wray. He contradicted Rep. James Comer and said that the bribery case against Joe Biden was closed under Bill Barr. Fox News sources said that is not true.

Raskin also said the document is second-hand information.

The House will move to hold Christopher Wray in contempt. He’ll take one for the team. The House needs to have him arrested. Wray remains unperturbed, arrogant, confident, and smiling throughout. What’s up?

Meanwhile, Merrick Garland, the dirty top cop, plans an indictment of Donald Trump.




  1. Since when did the FBI openly express fear that it can’t control its assassins in the Deep State? Prior to this amazing moment, assassinations were said to be illegal in the US. President Carter made it illegal. I guess they just revealed the obvious, that they still employ assassins. No outside groups would have the means, the access to secret information about protectees, or one tenth of the motivation to do such a brazen act.

    The FBI has prosecuted numerous racketeering cases with fearful witnesses, all requiring protection. They never lost their nerve until now. This is a completely phony excuse, of course. Wray. Always the liar.

    Besides the Deep State, no assassin gives two shits about protecting Biden from well-deserved prosecution. Neither party wants him to run again in 2024.


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