FBI Lied to the NY Times to Lie to David Weiss


The FBI deliberately leaked false information to the New York Times to protect the Biden family from devastating bribery allegations. As reported by the Federalist, the FBI then used this false report by the New York Times,  to obstruct U.S. Attorney Weiss’s investigation into Hunter Biden.

Politicians have broken the Justice System and weaponized the media and agencies against the people.


The FBI, our nation’s top law enforcement agency, knowingly leaked false information to the New York Times as per Internet emails obtained by The Federalist.

The emails suggest that the only investigation into Hunter Biden originated with Rudy Giuliani and the Hunter laptop from Hell. The FBI’s press office then used the Times story, “Material from Giuliani Spurred a Separate Justice Depart. Pursuit of Hunter Biden,” to Weiss’s Baltimore Office within one month of the 2020 election.

In other words, they lied to US Attorney David Weiss who was responsible for prosecuting Hunter for tax, fraud, and FARA crimes.

The FBI was then able to withhold the whistleblower’s interview in which he said Joe Biden accepted a $5 million bribe from Ukraine to help his son’s overseas business.

It is possible Attorney Weiss didn’t know the facts, only false facts, and conducted the investigation inadequately for that reason.

FBI officials documented the testimony from the whistleblower in that FD-1023 form that was kept from congressional Republicans for some time.

Weiss didn’t have timely information, but he also didn’t bother to investigate. Trusting the New York Times was foolhardy.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley claimed there were 17 audio tapes incriminating Joe Biden. The DOJ did nothing about it. The alleged existence of the tapes was noted in the FD-1023.



  1. If the swamp is not defeated in 2024, there is not much hope for an America that is a land for the FREE and a home for the brave.


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