FBI Releases List – 388 People Missing, Not 1110!


The FBI weeded out duplicates of people allegedly missing in Maui and compiled one list. Thankfully, it’s not 1110 missing, but there are still 388 missing. This is hopeful and relatively good news. Meanwhile, the death toll still stands at 115 people.

The Police Chief said they had to be careful releasing the list because they knew it would cause deep concern.

The FBI wants people to contact them if they are on the list and safe. If they see missing names on the list, the FBI needs family DNA.

They can see the list at Hawaii News.

Meanwhile, Maui County is suing the utility company, saying the company’s negligence caused the fire.

Maui Fires via Coast Guard
Hawaii News:

Maui County filed suit Thursday against Hawaiian Electric, alleging the utility caused the Lahaina wildfire and failed to take appropriate actions to maintain the grid.


John Fiske, one of several attorneys representing the county in the civil suit, says investigators have already documented evidence that “the ultimate cause and origin of the fires from a legal and factual standpoint is lines and phases that were slapping on the ground.”

Fiske says a de-energization program should have been in place to cut off power and adds HECO should have taken more action to prepare its equipment with approaching powerful winds.

“Not only should these types of poles and lines and equipment and insulators all withstand these large wind events, but there is now a standard in the investor-owned utility world to de-energize or power down lines in the aftermath of these high wind events because fires can be started,” he said.

HECO said in a statement that it’s ”disappointed that Maui County chose this litigious path while the investigation is still unfolding” but declined to comment further.

Given this is all true, who will sue the politicians and the unelected bureaucrats who insisted all the money go to climate change and not clearing out the brush, the people didn’t provide water to the fire department, who blocked the only path out of Maui Lahaina and didn’t sound the alarm?

Given all that has been reported is true, it looks like the politicians want to sway public opinion away from themselves when there might be shared guilt.



  1. The barriers around the burned out areas of Lahaina are typical construction dust barriers, readily recognizable by the black vinyl plastic sheeting attached to the wood post and beam framework. What are they hiding? My best guess is that they are already clearing the land and burnt out buildings, but for what??? Developers or even destroying any remaining DNA evidence??? Something very shady going on here, smacks of complete CYA by “the (county and state) powers that be”, aided and abetted by the Feds.

  2. Screw the FBI….they are proven frauds, liars.
    Why then are the schools now reporting over 2,000 kids that they expected to attend school when the schools opened back up for the new year are not in class? Some are with the parents after the tragedy, granted,still recovering mentally, physically, and spiritually, but that number seems so far out compared to the 388 they are saying.
    I say they are lying. They’ve given us no reason to believe anything they say about anything anymore. I’ll never trust them again about one iota of info. they spew out.
    My guess they are thinking they can propagandize the public under Operation Mockingbird, which Obama signed into law which now allows the FBI to tell lies to the American people with zero consequences, zero liability.
    The FBI is EVIL !!!

    • It’s already known that officials blocked escape and let people burn. There are several witnesses on video, plus, the AP admitted it. Infowars is first in reporting, such as:

      “We’re all trapped down in here,” he continued. “They’re blocking off all exits and everyone is just stuck going in a circle in a fire pit.”

      There was a clear path on the road to go 200 yards down and be saved. The few people who drove around the blockades or just walked down were easily saved. This is one reason why officials are completely censoring all information and have blocked off the area. It’s at a minimum manslaughter.

  3. The FBI has no role whatsoever in this disaster. Their dominant role here again exposes the police state as reigning. This is a job for locals and FEMA. The schools are reporting 2000 children not showing up.


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