FDA Sets Up a Stoolie Network


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration launched an updated “Rumor Control” hub aimed at enlisting the public to help stop the spread of “misinformation,” which the agency defined as “false, inaccurate, or misleading … spreading intentionally and unintentionally,” Children’s Health Defense reports.

They say the facts are found in: medical journals, a nonprofit “fact checker” or a government website.

Medical journals? You mean the ones that told us it’s not possible for COVID to have originated in the Wuhan lab?

As for fact checkers, they think they have the absolute truth. They’re self-ordained and they’re all leftists.

A government website? That’s a joke.

The FDA plans to keep doing what they’ve been doing – exploiting their power and degrees to spread propaganda. They want you to believe the only truth is their truth. They want people to snitch as they did in Nazi Germany. Nazis had neighbors, and family members snitching on one another.



  1. “Rumor Control” aka Big Brother Control. The FDA is disparate because they lied millions died and people are learning the truth about their bioweapon virus and bioweapon jab. They are losing big money and all credibility. FDA cheap Stasi like psyops is only more proof we need a Nuremberg 2.0 forthwith.

  2. All those so-called rumors, disinformation and misinformation were the very truths that got me banned from fb and twitter. Turns out everything I posted and commented on is finally being published and shared today.

    • I know right . . Just because someone takes the same medicines used on animals doesn’t mean we’re taking animal medicines. Horses are given vitamins, does that mean if people take vitamins, they’re taking horse vitamins? No. Much of what humans eat are the same things animals eat. “Horse paste” was a term used to back people off from an inexpensive quick relief remedy for covid. My wife and I both took it during covid. Works great! Screw the FDA and Big Pharma for misleading people during covid, all for the love of money!

      • Fake News and social media swamped by intelligent agents, billions from Pfizer and CCP ranted constantly about “horse paste” “fish tank cleaner” “Trump will die cause he took hydroxy” “the shots are safe and effective” as people ‘Died Suddenly’. The government and media are complicit in murder and the death rate is rising.


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