Federal Government’s Working on Taxing Drivers by the Mile


Bad news from Headline USA. Four states and the federal government plan to charge Americans by the miles they drive despite dysfunctional models and serious privacy issues.

The big government doesn’t care if the models are dysfunctional and there are serious privacy issues.

They plan to put a tracking device in cars to tax mileage use in ADDITION to gas taxes. They aren’t getting enough taxes from electric vehicles because they’re more efficient. So, this is their plan to make up the difference for their coffers.

The federal government is about to pilot its own such program, funded by $125 million from the infrastructure measure Biden signed in November 2021.

Buttigieg wants to put this burden on already struggling Americans.

Doug Shinkle, transportation program director at the nonpartisan National Conference of State Legislatures, said it wouldn’t be long before these devices become mandatory.

“The impetus at this point is less about collecting revenue than about establishing these systems, working out the kinks, getting the public comfortable with it, expanding awareness around it,” he said.

States have years of research and still don’t have a system that works.

“There’s no program design that I have seen that I think can be implemented at scale in a way that is publicly acceptable,” he said. “That doesn’t mean that a program can’t be designed to do so, but I feel like if you can’t even conceive of the program architecture that seems like something that would work, you probably shouldn’t put too much faith in it.”

Saw this first at Leo Hohmann’s substack.



  1. Simple, move to the paradise of those new cities were there is only public transport. Of course they will find a way to tax that, too.

    Why don’t they ever explain all the costs of implementing the tax. Could it be it is simply to pay for the expanded the bureaucracy?


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