Fining Adam Schiff, Liar and Spy


Conservatives online want to see Republicans voted out for not voting to censure and fine Adam Schiff for spying on the sitting US President.

Reps. Andrew Garbarino (NY), David Joyce (OH), Michelle Fischbach (MN), and Thomas Massie (KY) will not vote for it.  People online want voters to call and tell them to vote for the censure and fine.

Rep. Thomas Massie is in a difficult position because he is suing Nancy Pelosi for doing much the same thing. He believes it’s unconstitutional. If it is, there needs to be an alternative.

Some say he is in error, but one lawyer online said it is unconstitutional because it is a Bill of Attainder, and Congressmen have a right to lie and defame under the speech and debate clause.

It can’t be legal to spy on a President, can it? Indeed, if they are not going to vote for the bill, they need to devise an alternative. Adam Schiff is despicable.

Speaker McCarthy can talk, but will he do something?



  1. One law for me and one for thee!!! Killary’ in her Alinsky role, described themselves…deplorable…add despicable and malevolent…

  2. Thomas Massie

    Jun 14, 2023
    “Adam Schiff acted unethically but if a resolution to fine him $16 million comes to the floor I will vote to table it. (vote against it) In fact, I’m still litigating a federal lawsuit against Pelosi over a salary reduction she imposed on me for my refusal to wear a mask.

    “[A]cted unethically?” That’s it? That’s how you describe what he did? And so, hey, just let’im off the hook, no big deal?

    If you sanction what Schiff did, Massie, by refusing to vote to censure, massively fine, and finally throw him out of the House, then you are worse than he is.

      • Massie voted to protect Schiff, in essence providing “aid and comfort to the enemy,” as did 19 other traitor “Republicans.”

        As such he stands as a traitor to all who have suffered (and we have suffered mightily) as the result of Schiff’s “act[ing] unethically,” as Massie so lamely puts it.

  3. Schiff is despicable! He is unworthy of the office.
    Thomas Massie followed his conscience and did not wear a mask.
    Thomas Massie now is voting his conscience, as he views the constitution.
    Does this mean, on this one issue, he should be removed from office?
    It is not as if he is voting to murder babies.
    What is his total voting record. That should be the basis of whether or not he is worthy of reelection.


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