Five Times August Slams Music Industry as “Big Pharma Whores”


“As it turns out, it’s not very rock and roll to obey and comply with nonsensical government mandates and lockdowns,” Baste Records

Baste Records dropped a new Five Times August song that slams the music industry and singles out such performers as Mick Jagger, John Legend, and the Foo Fighters. It accuses them of selling out to Big Pharma and the lockdown agenda during the China Wuhan virus pandemic.


“There ain’t no rock n’ roll; ever since they sold out Rolling Stones, the words that were sung in the past never feel the same when looking back; men sitting in the makeup chair really couldn’t care, never feel the same, ever since the 60s, after all the songs, it was gone in a flash …

“There ain’t no rock and roll, and the blues has lost its soul; all the punks gave the man control, and every pop star’s bought and sold…

“Big Pharma sellouts” who demanded vaccinated-only crowds and towed the government line amid Covid hysteria.

Five Times August called them “Big Pharma whores, shillin’ for a check,” accusing them of completely abandoning their anti-establishment, rebellious posture when it counted: “All the suits lick the boots of the government, what they sang they never meant.”

It’s a very good song, and the imagery is great too!

Five Times August




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