FNC Will Moderate the Speaker Debate Tuesday Night


According to Punchbowl News, Fox anchor Bret Baier will moderate a debate Tuesday evening between Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH), Steve Scalise (R-LA), and Kevin Hern (R-OK). They are the three declared candidates for Speaker.

Fox News? Ugh!

Bret Baier

Speaker Pro Temp Patrick McHenry (R-NC) has also confirmed meetings with others in the caucus encouraging him to run. He’s reluctant so far. He has previously turned down Whip.

House Republicans will host a candidate forum Tuesday night and the closed party election Wednesday. There is no timeline for electing a Speaker on the House floor, Punchbowl reports.

Neither Jordan nor Scalise has a lead in endorsements, nor does either have momentum. They are both respected and well-liked, but there are questions about who can unify the party and who has fundraising abilities. McCarthy was a tireless fundraiser, and he did keep the coalition together for months.

Former President Trump endorsed Jim Jordan, which is a big boost but not enough.

So far, Republican House members are reporting no one can get to 218. They say we won’t have a Speaker next week. Donald Trump will try to unite them, but he has some enemies in the GOP. Only one-quarter of the 221 GOP committed to one of the men.

Others who might run are French Hill (R-Ark), Steve Womack (R-Ark), and Tom Cole (R-OK).

Rep. Tom McClintock said in a statement Thursday, “The only workable outcome is to restore Kevin McCarthy as speaker under party rules that respect and enforce the right of the majority party to elect him. At this point, McCarthy can’t get to 218 either.”



  1. Here we have another colossal blunder, a cheap publicity stunt, by Faux News, to try to interfere in and sensationalize an internal party matter. Baier (Jethro) would of course steer the discussion in an anti-MAGA way.

  2. Republicans need to put their ‘big man’s pants’ on. I heard a brief comment by Thune on the Senate floor talking about the FCC. He’s a clueless, idiot jackass. This is a “War” of civilization, and even civilized society. It’s high time to Fight like it is a war. You don’t go with infantry alone and without armor. The other side uses everything, including a nuclear option. The right should at least bring in the heaviest armor.

    • When Mitch goes, the sooner the better, he will be replaced by another awful RINO, probably Thune. Every time Mitch speaks, he is surrounded by his entourage, usually Thune, Ernst, Capito, Barasso, Danies, Cornyn. They all have cast bad, America Last votes in the senate.

  3. The last I read is this debate has been cancelled after some members bitterly complained about the “public” spectacle, so to speak. This was one of the Dumbest ideas ever conceived. I’d like to know Who conceived the idea.

    A lot of the contenders I wouldn’t put much faith in. If they know what’s good for them, and the party, they had better come together and get it done. Whoever has the most support at the moment should have the rest get behind that person. Otherwise they will have much more serious consequences than Vacating the Speaker.

  4. I find this to be a dangerous concept!!!
    What is the purpose?
    $$$$ for FOX?
    How will such such a program demonstrate one’s ability to truly lead? to get members working together toward a common goal?
    An attempt to create controversy?
    Is this another step toward having people with little knowledge being able to vote “democratically”?
    Will this work toward party unity or led to further divisions?
    Is is possible that the only big winner will be the Democrat Party?


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