For Those Who See Mike Pence as a Viable Candidate, Check This Out


The only thing worse than yesterday’s political indictment of Donald Trump is Mike Pence’s response to it. It’s hard to believe that anyone would respect him for this comment.

“Today’s indictment serves as an important reminder: anyone who puts himself over the Constitution should never be President of the United States, he posted on X.

He promised this before the January 6 riot, which Donald Trump did not cause. He gave a stump speech and told protesters to march “peacefully and patriotically.” The rioters acted on their own because they thought the election was stolen as did Donald Trump and many Americans.

“I know we all got doubts about the election…I share the concerns of millions of Americans about voting irregularities…I promise you this Wed. We’ll have our day in Congress…We’ll hear the objections…We’ll hear the evidence,” Pence said on January 4, 2021.

Whatever might have happened was destroyed by the riot.

Trump, Liar, Cheat, Immoral? How Is That Criminal?

According to the indictment, Donald Trump is a liar, cheat, and immoral. Assume for a moment that it’s true. How is any of that criminal? Donald Trump’s public statements are not criminal.

The indictment centers around President Trump’s knowledge that what he was saying was false:

The Defendant, his co-conspirators, and their agents made knowingly false claims that there had been outcome-determinative fraud in the 2020 presidential election. These prolific lies about election fraud included dozens of specific claims that there had been substantial fraud in certain states, such as that large numbers of dead, non-resident, non-citizen, or otherwise ineligible voters had cast ballots, or that voting machines had changed votes for the Defendant to votes for Biden. These claims were false, and the Defendant knew that they were false. In fact, the Defendant was notified repeatedly that his claims were untrue—often by the people on whom he relied for candid advice on important matters, and who were best positioned to know the facts— and he deliberately disregarded the truth.

People telling him it’s not true and Trump not believing them is not a crime. It doesn’t mean he knew it was untrue. It’s up to DJT to decide who and what he believes.

Smith speaks repeatedly of “the knowingly false claims” by Trump regarding the election fraud. Bill O’Reilly spoke with Mr. Trump and said that there is no doubt Donald Trump believed he lost the election to voter fraud.

Throughout the indictment, Jack Smith assumes Trump knew his claims of massive election fraud were false which brings this indictment to the level of a thought crime and a 1st Amendment violation.

When Did Trump Admit His Statements Were False?

Nowhere in the indictment does it show that Donald Trump admitted he knew it was false. That means Jack Smith is in his head, assuming his thoughts. Trump felt he was attempting to stop a criminal conspiracy, not start one.

Other pending cases are also dangerous for Donald Trump.

The Florida case is dangerous for Trump. People don’t believe the documents were all declassified. The ridiculous case in New York City will put a jury together that will find him guilty. He’s hated in New York City. Trump can’t get a fair trial in D.C. and they will find him guilty. We haven’t seen the Fulton County case, but it’s not likely he’ll have a jury of his peers in Fulton County.

Donald Trump will have to go to the Supreme Court to get these indictments overturned. He cannot serve the country under these conditions. At least that’s the goal. DJT has gone through his massive war chest on legal bills. The Left plans to bankrupt him.


You will hear not hear anything of substance from Mike Pence. What you’ll hear is – “Anyone who puts himself over the Constitution should never be President of the United States.”

It sounds exactly like the left-wing talking point, “No one is above the law.” Pence has been light on criticism of Biden. He’s too weak to serve.

Maybe massive election fraud wasn’t provable in court, but huge sums of money were spent on things like unsecured Zuckerboxes. Laws were changed to favor Joe Biden. Ballot harvesting, signature verification, and mail-in balloting are subject to fraud. Browsers steered people to Biden in the search features and hid Hunter’s laptop which swayed the election. The entire media became Joe’s PR team. Vote counting stopped mysteriously and restarted at odd times and lasted too long. Loosey-goosey laws that allow extended days to vote are suspect. The machines – who knows – but they can be hacked.

We have a problem of massive election interference, immoral interference.

Let’s arrest all these Democrats – to be fair!




  1. In a bureaucracy of lies and deceit fully supported by a ‘compromised and corrupted’ media felonious activities are ‘run of the mill’…

  2. He can’t be seriously considering a run for president. The most likely scenario for him is to hope for a ambassadorship under a democrat administration

  3. Sad times for the Constitution and free speech. The politics of personal destruction in Washington DC have reached new low. The “swamp” will come after anyone again and again that goes against their goals. My opinion is Pence should be ashamed of his cowardice and self-serving lack of loyalty on par with Benedict Arnold. If you want a loyal friend in Washington, buy a dog.

  4. Pence is vengeful over being exposed as a betrayer and a weak RINO. He probably has another motive, he is making so much noise, that he seems to need a big job somewhere. Barr is in a similar situation.

    Pence should properly direct his anger towards himself.

    There is not much reason anymore to refute the false charges against Trump, since the charges are obviously wrong. There is no avenue to establish guilt by Trump, it is covered.

    • Pence may be the official who has taken the worst and fastest fall in his own party in history. He will not quality for debates or primaries. The establishment crooks are also avoiding him. In his imaginary and egotistical world, he should be the frontrunner and Trump in jail. His misplaced anger at Trump fulfills his pretense that he got “screwed” by Trump. It is adolescent.

    • I saw that and it was eye opening, but they can only use cellphone GPS to see if you were in D.C. on J6, not if you were at multiple drop boxes, multiple times, on multiple nights. That would be an infringement on your right to cheat.


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