Former President Trump Expects Doom in a Week


Former President Donald Trump and his family risk losing their entire New York business Empire in a week. Judge Arthur Engeron found that former President Trump and his company repeatedly violated state fraud laws.

In his ruling, the judge on Tuesday ordered that business certificates for his New York companies be canceled, and the three potential independent receivers be appointed within ten days to manage the dissolution of the canceled limited liability companies associated with Trump and the Trump organization.

His family can’t manage the properties either. They include Trump Tower, 40 Wall Street, his estate, Seven Springs, etc.

If they are not successful on appeal, Trump and his family would have no authority to operate the businesses. A court-appointed receiver would manage the properties until the assets are disposed of. Not only would the receiver control the businesses, but the receiver would also sell off the assets and wind up affairs, such as paying creditors.

Alina Habba, a Trump attorney, said the judge’s ruling is fundamentally flawed at every level, and they would immediately appeal.

This civil suit was brought by Attorney General Letitia James, who admitted that she hates Trump and ran for office on the hate and get Trump ticket.

No one knows the scope of this, what properties it affects, and to what degree it affects them. Will they monitor them, force the sale on every property, or what?

At a hearing on Wednesday, the judge said he was not ready to discuss what the ruling would mean for Trump’s organization and the marquee properties bearing his name.

He’s not ready!

Manhattan, New York. May/25/2014

This is the same judge who will preside over a non-jury trial next week on issues that remain. There are six other charges.

The judge claimed that Trump deceived banks, insurers, and others by massively overvaluing the property. However, he neglected to add that all of those entities have their own appraisers, and no one objected or claimed injury. They all benefitted. There are no injured parties, and any money to be gained would go right to the state.

Letitia James massively undervalued the properties to make her case.

The LLCs in Trump’s name also bought commercial businesses and private homes. It is possible that they also will be ordered sold even though they have no connection to the proceedings.

Trump tried to get the appeals court to delay the fraud trial, but they refused. The judge might drop the other charges and move ahead, but he’s inclined not to do so.

Courts in New York are very corrupt, in my experience.

At this time, Donald Trump faces doom. Within another seven days, the state will take over his properties.


The repercussions of this are very extensive. While he’s caught up in possibly going bankrupt in New York and losing everything, he needs a lot of money to deal with 91 charges against him. There is little doubt he will be found guilty of something in these jurisdictions governed by the far left. He can’t get a fair trial in any of them.

Trump made the unforgivable mistake of trying to make America Great Again. The Left wants him dead or in prison.





  1. New Yorkers who work for Trump had better be wary. Because as you all know, court appointed receivers do not run a business, they dismantle it and put people out of work. I receivers appointed by this judge, biased in his hatred for Trump, will go through Trump’s businesses like Sherman went through the old South, decimate everything including jobs.


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