Former Secret Service Agent Tells Americans the Republic Is Dead


In the clip below, former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino says the Republic is Dead. The lawfare is destroying America.

Democrats are using lawfare to destroy the Constitution. They are also bankrupting as many prominent Republicans as they can. Michael Cavuto, an early Donald Trump supporter, was one of their victims. He spent over $300,000 on lawyers in the Russia hoax, and he was only a witness. Some of these people will lose everything.

Democrats have promised to bankrupt Donald Trump and anyone who allied with him.


Dan Bongino said the Republic is falling apart during his podcast. He discussed the indictment in Georgia to prove it.

Dan Bongino said the Republic is dead. The latest indictment proves it. The indictment against Donald Trump and eighteen others is based on two things; one is a lie that Donald Trump on a phone call with “the Secretary of State of Georgia that he needed to find votes was a call for fraud. That is an outrageous assumption.

“I’ll show you how. The Washington Post had to corrected this earlier. He [Donald Trumo] did not tell [Secretary of State] Raffensberger to go and find votes. He said he needed to find votes. There’s an assertion there that that means it’s inherently fraudulent… he wasn’t talking about finding illegal votes… he was talking about finding actual votes.”

The second thing is built “on these fake electors. There were no fake electors. They were alternate electors in the event the state of Georgia went in Trump’s direction and not Biden’s direction.”

“By the way, [it’s] something that’s been done in 1960 in the Kennedy-Nixon campaign, and has been done over and over by Democrats preparing for a legal challenge to an election.”

Folks, the Republic is dead as you know it. It’s not on life support. It is dead. The question is, now can we rebuild it? How long is it going to take, and what are the steps to implement this?

“The Republicans know it is dead. They went for the lawyers too. They’re not just attacking Donald Trump’s First Amendment right to speak… they’re attacking his due process rights …they’re attacking his 4th Amendment rights…his rights to an attorney and his rights to counsel. They are eviscerating the Constitution in live time, and the communist left is laughing the entire time about it.

Bongino backed his statements up. He also addressed the Georgia DA’s office leaking the charges before the jury decided anything. Fani Willis didn’t address it in the presser, claiming she doesn’t know what the clerks do.

The former Secret Service agent said we are living in a police state.

This is well worth watching.



  1. I agree the dem party is also dead It now is the communist party of the US and all the dem party members are communists they have to be to support what is going on. This sham indictments of Trump is straight out of the communist play book just like the old Soviet Union trials when they wanted to be rid of some guy that pissed off the Big guy just what is happening to Donald Trump. They will teach him to fart in church .That is what this is all about and in the aftermath destroy the US constitution.

  2. Stop calling the despots that are destroying this country leftists, communists and marxists. Call them what they are–subversives.

  3. What can we the people do in the face of all this corruption at the state and federal levels of government? Ultimately the ones in power should be held accountable but how can they be held accountable when there are election shenanigans and protesting election shenanigans, creating alternate slates of electors and trying to investigate election fraud is being punished as a criminal act. Do we have a scenario where we are being taxed without representation and our right to have our grievances heard peacefully and redressed by the government can be considered denied? If the answer to both these questions is yes then the founders were clear on what needs to happen next. The tree of liberty is looking mighty thirsty if you ask me and it would serve the corrupt incompetents in power right to be taken down a peg by we the people. Now maybe if the GOP would get off their asses and impeach Biden and his compatriots and have state prosecutors go after dirty Democrats for actual crimes this could get resolved peacefully but if our elections are being scammed and to protest the sham election and investigate the scammers is being criminalized and the party impacted by this stands by and does nothing then whats to keep the party that committed these acts and is now perverting the law against their political opponents from continuing to push the envelope until they do have absolute control over the government?

  4. The current ilk in power are too incompetent to lead. They have no skills except corruption. It’s like they have the top floor in an implosion. The middle class will eat them alive.

  5. The REAL reason America is dead is because America has abandoned God, so God has finally left America! Furthermore, God has abandoned America much like He will abandon the business & entertainment worlds! Of course, it can be added here how the wholesale murder of babies in the womb has made humanity seem cheap! No, God Created and humankind is destroying everything He said was “Very Good.” (Genesis 1:31.).

  6. Execute every criminal in all these false accusations(all rinos/all dim’s/all media/all Corp. heads/all judges, AG’s, DA’s, all!) any riots…shoot to kill, blood bath….then start over….no trials…just round them up & finish the job! Any complaints…dead!

  7. I cannot the whinning going on on our side. Woe is me! the Republic is dead! Boohoo! GET UP AND DO SOMETHING!!! Our side just whines, and no action!!!

    • We keep voting for those who “claim” to change the situation and makes things better and it’s all lies. Trump also spoke about corruption of Both parties but his interest was primarily in making America great again. I got the impression he didn’t really believe the bureaucracy was as despotic as it turned out to be.

      • Trump wasn’t a politician. He understood how to run things efficiently. He was naive and trusted Mitch and his gang of thieves. Trump wasn’t playing nice and for that, they will bring him down. He was the roadblock to their evil plan to take down the great United States of America.

  8. Americans were very ignorant to not realize what the 2020 election coup meant. The USA had 2 whole months to recover from 11/3/2020. The USA failed, the damage is not repairable without major pain never before seen here.

    Caputo is a fine man.

    • After a the last few years they are realizing the current gov is a 5 alarm fire in bamboo shack.
      A functioning government should be invisible, efficient, pragmatic, and in service to citizens.
      The major pain is already being felt in large population centers that voted for “hope and change’.

    • What are you writing about? Are you ever coherent? There is nothing “juicy” here. Try using constructive words. How about commenting on the article instead of scribbling?

  9. Bongino is late to the game w/ his Dead Republic. When the Big Steal was allowed to stand. That was it…The Establishment RINOs are just as guilty as the communist. Hell, I think some of them were in on the first Coup Attempt. If the Little Maverick was still around, he would vouch for that.

    The Great Reset Oligarchs and Hussein’s Deep State operatives conspired to put XI’s employee in the WH.

    Hussein came to fundamentally change the country and he has sucKceeded in his 3rd term.

  10. A well-crafted Marxist-Democrat feet-first membership reduction will stop all this nonsense and its damnable totalitarian atrocities — and nothing else is going to accomplish that …

  11. This all began in the 60’s when the Communist Party infiltrated the Democrats, becoming “The New Left”. It’s also when the NAACP was also infiltrated by the same people. Many of those went into Congress. That New Left organization’s primary purpose was to destroy the US, and they’ve been doing a good job at it ever since. There was never a clear-cut agenda on what the aftermath would look like. If Dystopia, so be it.

      • It started with Wilson instituting the fed. reserve. Since then a slow down draft. The last 3 yrs yrs on over drive due to panic. That right there will be their down fall or success. It really is OUR choice.

      • It was the era of the 60’s that it went ‘mainstream’. Before that it was primarily on the fringes in certain areas of the country. Those fringes coalesced into the creation of the self-described; The New Left.

        • If you really want to get into the roots; 1870 Professor Ruskin of Oxford University taught a bunch of spoiled rich banker kids that they should rule the world. Ruskin was into Plato’s writings about a one world government and new world order.


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