Fox News Blows Up the Biden-Trump Timeline


The Fox News breakdown of the timeline of Trump’s indictments versus the key developments in the Hunter saga:

New York City , this in March: The Biden family and the laptop revelations versus Trump’s indictments.

This is the first indictment: on March 16th, the House Oversight Committee revealed the Biden family payments from the Chinese energy company. Two days later, Trump said he would be indicted in New York.

On April 4th, the Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg indicts Trump in the hush money case. This is right after we find out about all this money from the energy company.

Florida in June: The bribery allegations and the plea deals versus Trump’s second indictment for the classified documents, Mar-a-Lago stuff. On June 7th, the FBI released the documents alleging that the Bidens took the $10 million bribe from Burisma. The very next day, Jack Smith indicts in the document case.

Then on July 26, that’s the Hunter Biden sweetheart deal that’s rejected; the very next day, July 27th Jack Smith adds more charges in the Mar-a-Lago case.

In July, in DC, the Devin Archer interview versus Trump’s third indictment. This was the January 6 stuff. July 31st, Devin Archer testifies that Joe Biden was on 20-plus phone calls with his son’s business partners. The very next day, Jack Smith indicts Trump for the January 6 case.

So, what do you think? Would it be conspiratorial to say this is an unbelievable coincidence?



  1. M Dowling:
    They must have been reading your site as you already previously had so informed us. If the world was fair you would be a star.

    Please keep feeding us the truth along with thoughtful analysis from you and some of your special writers.


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