Fox News Stock Downgraded as Viewership, & Earnings Plummet


Since Tucker Carlson was taken off the air, Fox News has seen a significant dip in viewership, and earnings. On top of that, their stock was just downgraded. Fox viewership is down 19%, and Newsmax rose 126%.

They already suffered from an aging population, but Tucker brought in many younger people. While Tucker represents the most significant loss, losing Dan Bongino, Steve Hilton, Bill O’Reilly, and many others has also cost them. Caving into Gender Ideology and banning Donald Trump didn’t help them either.

After Tucker’s show was taken off on April 24th, there was an immediate dive in the ratings in May. During the 8:00 PM hour, it went from over 3 million viewers on average to about 1.65 million. They also lost big time in the demo, which is so critical. Those are the people in the 18 to 54-year-old age bracket who are expected to be around for a long time.

It wasn’t just in the 8:00 PM hour. People left other shows as well. When Tucker was on the air, people would tune in early, watch Jesse Watters, and stay through to watch Laura Ingraham.

While some of the shows have picked up, the network just isn’t coming back.

One reason why they’re not coming back is that people have had it with Fox. Many just watched Fox for Tucker. Fox News never really explained Tucker’s departure properly, and they’ve lost the people’s trust. They’re no longer the network people trust. Many options are available now, and they don’t need Fox anymore.

One thing that got to me took place when Notre Dame was burned down. The president of the Catholic League, Mr. Donahue, was on Neil Cavuto. He said nothing wrong, however, Cavuto decided to treat him very rudely and silence his mic. I never watched Cavuto again after that. I saw him differently, and it began to change my mind about Fox News.

Even MSNBC surpasses them some nights.

We’re not the only ones who’ve seen that.


They recently moved their top hosts into different slots, somehow thinking that would make a difference. It’s not likely.

Now, Wells Fargo has deemed the corporation Underweight, and Yahoo! Finance reported Monday that analyst Steve Cahall said there were “ecosystem risks” surrounding the news outlet.

Their stock has just been downgraded. If you watch Fox, you’ll see they haven’t learned anything. They’re still trying to cross the divide and move too far left, thus losing their following while not picking up enough on the left. It would be effortless to have predicted that.



  1. I doubt Faux is down only 19% yet MSNBC beats them some nights. Your numbers weeks ago had Faux over 30% down.

    Cavuto is a dimwit communications major. He has no economic background yet is on the business channel, where he pretends to know business. He ranted much about Trump’s China policy being “madness” without ever explaining himself. He also ranted about HCQ “killing” people, when it has been taken billions of times for over 60 years.


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