Fox’s Fake “Explosive” and “Exclusive” Interview with Ukraine Prosecutor


Can a Fox reporter have an “explosive and “exclusive” and “shocking” interview with a Ukrainian prosecutor if it has been done several times before and we knew about it for years?

This morning, Brian Kilmeade told John Catsimatidis and Rita Cosby on The Cats Roundtable that he had an explosive interview with the fired Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin, who believes Joe and Hunter Biden bribed Ukrainian officials.

Ms. Cosby and Mr. Catsimatidis acted shocked and raved about Kilmeade’s interview to be aired on Saturday.

Fox News posted an article today about the alleged “exclusive” and “explosive” interview.

This is old news; everyone is acting like it’s not. We’ve known for years about the public admission by Joe Biden. We posted a previous “explosive Interview” in early August with Mr. Shokin. He has made these comments before to Rudy Giuliani.

I’m used to CNN pulling this, but this is Fox. They finally got the courage to report this old news, and they are pretending it’s a new, explosive report. From what Fox reported as a preview, there is nothing new. Fox is very disappointing.

Corporate news is pathetic.

This is the damning early August interview

You just can’t trust corporate news.

The thing that struck me is what Shokin said in early August. He said there was never an example of corruption given by anyone. They just slandered him.


No one as yet has given Mr. Shokin even one example of how he was corrupt. No one criticized his work, and as late as 2015, officials told him they knew it was “slander.” As Mr. Shokin said, if Biden had any proof of my corruption, he would have spoken out loudly. Everything was done behind the scenes.

He thinks that Biden considers Ukraine his oyster and he’s the boss. He said he had humiliated Ukraine. Mr. Shokin was also not happy with his use of the word b****. Under Barack Obama, The United States interfered in the affairs of Ukraine, he said. Appointments were made with the permission of the United States. That continued under Joe Biden even to the level of the deputy prosecutor general.

The prosecutor they replaced him with was in jail for corruption.

Sounds like Biden’s kind of guy.



  1. Dullard Kilmeade never breaks any stories. He is a RINO puppet, with an income far exceeding his ability.

    This is a form of plagiarism by the RINO Channel. OAN and Rudy got all of this information from Shokin in early 2020. It was broadcast in 4 hour long OAN documentaries.

    I think this great site should know better than to present this story as a breakthrough. This is Faux News over 3 years late trying to keep its alienated viewers by pretending to be decent. Faux News never covered an instant of the fantastic investigative reporting OAN did back then. At that time, Faux was all concerned about defeating Trump dirty.

    As good as this site is, it is walking on crutches, counting on Faux so much and ignoring OAN.

  2. brandon is a pathetic pathological corrupt liar…as is his ‘political’ associates and the Main sewer Stream fake Media that has been running ‘interference’ for their ‘ilk’ for the past fifty odd years…


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