Frank Luntz Posted an Alarming Ad – People Love It


Frank Luntz is a well-known pollster and friend to people like Kevin McCarthy and Joe Biden. He posted this Trump campaign ad from meme makers – the Dilley Meme Team – because he found it alarming. Luntz thinks it’s conspiratorial.

Luntz’s routine is to put a group of people from different political parties, ask them questions about candidates, and come to conclusions based on his small, hand-picked participants. He’s a waste of time.

Frank Luntz

The only problem for Mr. Luntz is that people like it and are spreading it around. For his part, Mr. Luntz is very sorry he shared it. It’s a fun meme ad, but it’s not satire.


So, people liked it and saw a lot of truth in it. It seems like it’s modeled after a Paul Harvey 1965, eerily prophetic video.

Here are some of the reactions. They were all similar.

While it may be alarming for various reasons, the fact of the matter is most all of it is true. The fact is, #Trumps and #Bidens votes in the #2020Election added up to over 90% voter turnout. Tell me the election wasn’t rigged! I hope this ad runs for the next year plus.

Frank Putz

Perfect response! Loved, loved, love that ad! Absolute truth!!


Is this a Dilley Meme Team? Love them! Excellent.

It’s all true.

If I were the Deep State…..I would label the Deep State as a conspiracy theory.

Another Leftist label waiting to be proven correct and ignored.

Most conservatives seem to think of Luntz as a fraud and are sick of his line — people want politicians who “say what they mean and mean what they say.” It doesn’t mean much, and he said IT hundreds of times on Fox News.

Luntz doesn’t have a good record for accuracy, but he posted the following video with cheery news about Joe ‘Crime Family’ Biden.

The left-wing pollster thinks Joe’s going to take off. I hope Luntz is wrong again.




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