Gavin Newsom Calls for a Tyrannical Gun Grab


Brylcreem Newsom, who acts like he’s running for president, called Gov. Ron DeSantis “a pathetic little man.”  He’s unhappy because DeSantis is sending planes with small numbers of illegals to California. DeSantis sent the second one in on June 5th. After all, California is a sanctuary state.

In 2021, California sent more than 8,300 migrant children to cities around the nation on planes and buses from the Pomona Fairplex Emergency Intake Site. Who knows where those children are now? I guess when Newsom does it, he’s not a “pathetic little man.”

Newsom is trying to make news. His latest is to call for a 28th Amendment. The media is calling it “historic” to make him sound better than he is.

Newsom says, “if you don’t start now, it will never happen.”

It would be nice if a reporter would ask Gavin Newsom about all the problems he has in his state. For instance, what will he do about all the illegal immigration, homelessness, housing problems, and the debt he’s accumulating? It would be great if someone would ask him about his tendency towards mandates and locking down.

Someone should ask him why he’s releasing all these dangerous prisoners early, reducing punishments for crimes, and telling people they can’t protect their businesses and homes.

Reporters won’t ask him a real question, and they keep publicizing the “pathetic little man” comment, which says more about him than DeSantis.

No one really thinks Biden is going to make it to 2024. Democrats will slip someone in at the last minute; too late to properly vet the person. Newsom wants to be that person.

We can all be California.

The Firearms Policy Org. responded to Newsom’s authoritarian proposal:

Firearms Policy Coalition issued the following statement regarding California Governor Gavin Newsom’s “28th Amendment” convention proposal to deny the fundamental rights of all peaceable Americans:

Today, Governor Newsom cynically called for using guns, gun owners, and tragedies to get free press for his perpetual political campaigning by proposing to drag the nation into his failed policy of criminalizing the mere exercise of fundamental rights.

That Newsom is willing to offer this route to impose his immoral policies on the entire nation is an ironic recognition that the tide of history has turned against him and a genuine admission that his failed policies cannot withstand court scrutiny.

Newsom’s naked ambition, conceit, and depravity in calling for the criminalization of tens of millions of peaceable Americans is a wake up call to all those who oppose despotism and state violence.

Firearms Policy Coalition will continue to restore the rights of the People in court, just as it has done in its lawsuits challenging California’s handgun roster and discriminatory fee-shifting regime, New Jersey’s Bruen response bill, and Illinois’ “assault weapon” ban.

To all peaceable People across our nation seeking to be free from the violence of the state, FPC is honored to have your support.

And to all tyrants that push these immoral and unjust policies, we say simply this: “Fuck you. No.



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