Stunning! Fulton Recommends Indictments of 30 Republicans Questioning 2020


The Fulton County grand jury has gone insane, but who knows what Fani Willis is telling them. They recommended charging as many as 30 Republicans including senator Lindsey Graham with – so far – bogus charges. They’re recommending charging former senator Kelly Loeffler, attorney Lin Wood, Georgia senator David Purdue, Michael Flynn, Boris Epshteyn, attorney Cleta Mitchell, and others.

It’s now illegal to question an election — if you are a Republican. Maybe they should go back and indict Al Gore.

I am not a lawyer, and I don’t have all the details, but to me, this is clearly an attack on the Republican Party. They’re going after political opponents and trying to seriously damage or destroy the Republican Party. What do you think?

“A majority of the grand jury believes the perjury may have been committed by one or more witnesses testifying before it. The grand jury recommends that the District Attorney seek appropriate indictments for such crimes where the evidence is compelling.”

“May have been?” That’s the standard? In other words, they have nothing. They are saying that they may have committed perjury? Are you kidding me? Why do we have a jury that recommends and another that indicts? Grand juries are not fair to begin with. They are only presented from the side of the prosecutor.

Objecting to an election is our new standard for bankrupting people with expensive trials? Maybe they have something, but it is not likely. The DA is the daughter of a Black Panther so it’s not all that surprising. She was also funded for hardcore leftists and ran on the ‘get Trump’ ticket.

If this doesn’t convince people this is nothing but a Soviet-style attack on political opponents, nothing will. People better wake up and fast.

Georgia Special Grand Jury Report – Trumps Election Interference

Far-left, corrupt MSNBC is running with they’re all criminals. The talking head in the clip says Loeffler and Purdue told Raffensperger to resign with no basis so that’s probably why they are indicted criminally? That’s a crime? The others were on the infamous call. so that’s probably why they were indicted. That’s a crime?

That was all typical politics.



  1. Loeffler is a rich gal handed a senate job. She ran supporting Trump, saying the 2020 election was rigged. After she lost her special election, she totally reversed, saying Trump was wrong to claim the election was stolen.

    That is how I expect a spoiled rich gal handed everything in life to behave.

  2. Says more about the integrity, intelligence and education of the Fulton County jury pool than it does about the behavior of the almost-indicted.

  3. I am waiting for a reporter/analyst to point out something I think is obvious.

    The events of 2020 had long term implications. There were nationwide riots while officials just watched. There was a fake pandemic and repression. There was massive censorship, There was the election coup, the largest criminal act in US history.

    The RINOs – the fake betraying corrupt conservatives, went along with every part of it. What did they expect? Did they expect times to get better? Did they expect to be left alone? The left will try to eliminate them too.

    We can see that the efforts of the left are expanding. Arizona has already made rules to enable voting out GOP candidates. The RINOs are whining about it. Now we see Georgia going after a full member of the corrupt DC club, Graham. We see Texas actually trying to remove a fine AG. This is all out war, the corrupt GOP is incapable of dealing with it.

  4. In Lindsey response how many times does he say “I was a sitting US Senator, chairman of the Judiciary” and “didn’t do anything to overturn the election”.

    • Not doing anything good about anything is his specialty. Questioning the election, and investigating it, is not “overturning” it. Notice he uses the language of the election crooks.

    • I’d be thrilled but it is nearly impossible. Graham is on the team. The frame operation in Georgia will hear from DC to leave him alone.


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