G20 Calls for for Global Digital IDs and CBDCs


In line with the view of the World Economic Forum run by Klaus Schwab and other global institutions, including the World Bank and IMF, the G20 announced plans to move ahead with global digital IDs and CBDCs.

Many in the US are worried it will mean the end of most freedoms we’ve enjoyed in the United States. Having a globalist, mentally-challenged President has put us in this position.

A Swedish Australian author Anders Sorman-Nilsson, says Australians will quickly look for new transaction technologies, having become fed up with passwords and PINs.

“Seamless, biometric payments are the key drivers to moving beyond the old idea of credit cards or cash as a physical product to a digital service that lives in your mobile wallet or smartphone. Your intimate payment relationship will be with your wearable, bearable, or implantable digital devices, which you and artificial intelligence will train to select the right card for the right purchase. This could be for, say, frequent flyer, foreign exchange, or payment term optimization.”

That gives you an idea of where they are going with this, and it’s only the beginning. You’ll be on a leash. If it’s tied to your money, globalists will have control over you and the money.

AI and digital services will select the right card for the right purchase. How many people will be able to buy guns at the end of this?

The G20 discussed the framework for a fully digital world this past week. It means global digital IDS and currency.

The globalists want you to believe it’s necessary to have one international regulatory framework. This is being done by a handful of totalitarians, and the people will have no say.

We will end up with government-approved and government-issued products.

You can expect social media to become part of the global regulatory network with digital IDs, social scores, and CBDCs.

The CBDCs will be fully controlled by the Central Banks that issue them. It’s the opposite of what happens with Bitcoin. The banks will turn them on and off, and could have expiry dates. There may be geolocation restrictions as well, which would lend itself to the 15-minute cities concept. 15-minute cities are what they had in East Germany under the Soviets.

These people want a central localized system in which a few elites decide what to do with the rest of us.

They plan to have a global public infrastructure with three main systems: the digital ID, the real-time fast payment system (FedNow), and a platform to share personal data, allegedly without violating privacy.

This is madness. Don’t doubt me on this.


Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that discussions were underway to build a global framework to regulate crypto assets since they believe cryptocurrencies can not be regulated efficiently without total international cooperation.

Gita Gopinath, the International Monetary Fund’s first deputy managing director, said in a video posted on X that the G20 “helped shape a global perspective on how policymakers should deal with crypto assets.”

She also assured Business Today that there was “no talk of banning cryptocurrencies, indicating a global consensus against such measures” in the discussions.

However, some of the suggestions call for additional policing of cryptocurrencies, which are decentralized and do not operate under central banks’ control.

Critics say that these proposals could allow government authorities to impose a social credit score system and decide how their citizens can spend their money.

[This makes the US another cog in the wheel, just as Barack Obama wanted. All those luxuries you enjoy now might well disappear as wealth is redistributed around the world.]



  1. The people who will comply don’t repair jets. Attrition is the biggest threat facing globalism. They are captains on a ship of fools. Who cares if you have social credit system when the stores are closed or ransacked, and the electricity doesn’t work?


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