Gates Uncovered a Global Problem – 850M Don’t Have Digital IDs


Opinion in this article

Globalist apparat Bill Gates wants nations worldwide to adopt his “global solution” for biometric “digital ID.” He wants everyone on the globe to “prove their identity.” It will allegedly help them out of poverty.

In a post on X, Gates decries the “850 million people” left in the world who “lack ID that proves their identity.” He claims that they can’t get out of poverty without this ID. The problem he cites is in his mind, but he will solve it with a one-size-fits-all for everyone on the planet.

“Fortunately, a formidable solution has emerged: an open-source, customizable digital ID system called Modular Open Source Identity Platform (MOSIP) that is available to all countries for free,” the Gates Foundation says, and it’s free until it’s not.

Gates is a social engineer who likes to invent problems and then devise a solution that makes money for him. The cure always involves some level of tyranny.

His ID system will solve the world’s problem, a problem the world didn’t know it had. No one asked him to solve it, and no one complained about it except the globalists who like to think up all the ways they can control all of us.

Prove me wrong.

Gates’ answer to the non-existent problem is none of his business anyway. His answer for it is allegedly “inclusive” and will be “dismantling barriers.”

Gates just poured 10 million into this system.

Gates’ organization has joined forces with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to promote and advance this globalist tether for everyone.

Gates and the UN plan to take this technology and go after the low and middle-income economies and then the whole world.

Gates is luring people in by promoting it as a road we must travel.

“Digital ID systems are one of the three pillars of what’s known as digital public infrastructure (DPI); the others are digital payment systems and data exchange systems. By connecting people and making it easier to move money and share information, DPI is, in many ways, the modern-day equivalent of the roads and bridges that helped reshape economies in the 19th century. Researchers say that DPI can help low- and middle-income countries leapfrog traditional stages of development, lift millions out of poverty, and spur economic growth.”

He probably pays the researchers—just a guess.

You could easily see the US and the world ending up like China, where people can’t go from one end of the block to the other without being tracked. If the Chinese people get on the wrong side of the social credit system, they can’t even buy food or travel.

If every person on the globe has a digital ID, they will be able to track every person on the globe. Don’t forget they also want to digitize our money and have control over that as well. He wants vaccine passports too.

Gates needs to be ignored. Unfortunately, too many Americans in power think he’s got something to offer. This man is tight with the Chinese communists because he likes their ideology. We should be questioning Mr. Gates and his ultimate goals, not going along with him, IMHO.



  1. If Billy is involved , Hell NO!! That would mean every us citizen would have one and no more excuses for voter id becasue its a poverty thig… dems would loose that ..


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