Gaza Will Become “Tent City” to Destroy All “Military Capabilities”


An Israeli defense official told Channel 13 News in Israel that Gaza will become a “tent city,” and every building will be razed, as the country’s defense minister said he has “released all restraints.” They are doing this to destroy all military capabilities. However, they warn civilians to leave before they bomb the buildings.


Ground troops are close to Gaza, preparing for an invasion.

Prime Minister Netanyahu told the two million Gazans to evacuate, but Egypt closed their border, as did Israel.

“All of the places which Hamas is deployed, hiding and operating in, that wicked city, we will turn them into rubble,” said Netanyahu. “Leave now because we will operate forcefully everywhere.”

The Gazans don’t have energy, water, or food.

In the early hours of Wednesday, Israeli forces conducted 250 airstrikes in just one hour across northern and eastern parts of the Gaza Strip to stop Hamas’ terror attacks for good.

An Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman said they are sending “infantry, armored soldiers, artillery corps,” plus 300,000 reservists “close to the Gaza Strip to execute the mission that the Israeli government has given us.”

Jonathan Conricus added: “That is to make sure that Hamas at the end of this war won’t have any military capabilities by which they can threaten or kill Israeli civilians.”

The now-wealthy Iran would replenish them – wealthy thanks to Joe Biden with $45 to $50 billion. However, Israel will occupy them as they did in 2005.

Israel has called up 360,000 reservists.

As Israelis living close to the border began to evacuate, there was fierce gun fighting between Border Guards and Hamas terrorists in the southern cities of Sderot and Ashkelon.

A series of rocket salvos from Gaza also hit Sderot Wednesday morning, injuring at least one civilian and damaging five buildings.

Hamas is pushed out of most settlements around the Gaza Strip, except Be’eri, Kisufim, and Nahal Oz. Hamas carries out sporadic marine landings on the beach of Zikkim and assaults the adjacent IDF outpost. They’re launching rockets at the Jewish settlement of Ashkelon. Al-Qassam is firing rockets from Lebanon, and mortar fire from Syria hit the Golan Heights. Israel fired back.

One little girl said, “I don’t want to die, Mommy. I’m too young to die. I’m only 7.”

Hezbollah forces also appear to be maneuvering to join the battle.

People who behead babies won’t stop.



  1. This war against Israel has been going on since the fall of the Ottoman Empire in WW1. The muslims have been offered a 2 state solution to less than the pre 1967 lines 8 times since 1921. Ever since the British deeded land to the Jews the muslims have tried to eradicate them. The Israeli’s have submitted to all of their request. Israel has been the homeland of the Jewish people for 6,000 years. The only thing the muslims want is for all Jews to die. There is no peace with the muslims, there is no negotiations, and there is nothing that can appease them except genocide of the Jewish people. muslim jihadist kill indiscriminately women children the elderly. They are cowards and animals. The Israeli’s warn civilians before they bomb military targets. hamas kills civillians and runs from the military. It is not possible to make peace with them. It is something they will never do. They have been brainwashed from birth for generations to hate. It is obvious that any moron that supports palistine which does not even exist has been brainwashed by leftist Marxist and muslim propaganda. Anyone that condones the behavior, supports the terrorist , believes that Israel has oppressed the muslims is a fool that has not been taught the true history. The arab muslims do not believe that the Jews have the right to even exist. It is the root of the conflict. Israel has offered peace 15 times agreeing to their demands and every time they have responded with terror.Wake up ignorant brainwashed uneducated fools. Your next

  2. So now we have a much bigger modern day version of the Warsaw ghetto.

    They are going to bomb 2 million people out of their homes? And the USA will hep them.

    Look at these US officials, who never voiced a concern about the border, and never suggested any action to stop the invasion, now demanding huge action in the middle east. By definition, those people are not acting in America’s interest.

    How about this RINO Cotton, now that Biden is falsely claiming he will fortify the wall, Cotton writes in the Washington Examiner that he is concerned about the border. This is how we recognize phonies.

  3. Plow the land under. Cart the rubble to replace Israeli Buildings on Israel Lands.

    Plant Olive Trees. Wait a few years, set the survivors to work picking Olives and Press them for the Free World to have nice things to eat. Never again will a building stand anywhere on that wicked land full of death. Death too shall be eliminated there.

    • Oh sure, be like the Nazi and Stalinist troops in WW2, destroy everything. That will create peace, great idea. Problem solved.

          • That does not matter anymore.

            Remember we did not win the Revolution until the British Leadership in NYC as a East Coast Command for the entire prosecution of that war against the USA pretty much quit that kind of activity. They arrived with the fleet about two months after the surrender of Yorktown and thats the end of that.

            What matters is we must make war when we need to for the right reasons. Gaza is the absolute right reason. Terrorist equals Vermin. Eradicate all of them.

            • I have no idea what you assumed by my comment but I didn’t mean that it mattered, was merely stating a fact! As far as this conflict between Israel and Hamas, I consider Israel on the correct path. Their leftist deep state appeasement failed as it usually does. I do have concerns about the lying WEF O’Biden-Soros Administration intentions. They lie to us so I’m suspicious of their intentions with Israel. I suspect the leadership in our government support Hamas more than Israel.

            • Ya know, I’ve rethought that. It does matter. 60,000 of our treasure died in Vietnam. I watched some killed and crippled for life. I volunteered to fight communism for two years as an infantryman and door gunner on a helicopter. And many more since then have been killed and crippled so the military industrial complex, politicians and donors could make money. It does matter and I do not want that to happen for Israel anymore than I want it to happen here again because we and Israel have put up with Communist left wing deep state and tyrants for decades and it has not worked out well for either country. And our government involvement in this Israeli Hamas war concerns me because it is the most corrupt organization in the world.

      • You can’t have peace with NAZI, Communists or Terrorists. There ideology is not about peace when they want to kill you and subjugate you.

        I know your a smart guy, I like your comments. (normally) (smile)

        Appeasement fails with NAZI, Communists, Muslim Terrorists, Globalist and basically with all tyrant ideologies. History has proven that over and over.

        The leftists (deep state) in Israel have had their appeasement and it didn’t work out so good. And it never does. Chamberlain attempted to appease Hitler, it failed. There is never peace with tyrant ideologies.

        Here in USA we have been appeasing leftists and Communists for decades. It hasn’t worked out well for the country.

        The residents of Gaza voted Hamas into power. Just like the Germans gave Hitler the power.

        • And their Grand Mufti was allied formally with Germany in World War Two. Hence the British Occupation after.

          So many generations of people alive now who dont know their history anymore for obvious reasons for which we will not belabor any more than it always has been.

          • Many are unaware it was the British who brought in hordes of Arabs who now claim to be “Palestinian”. They were a minority in comparison to Jews in the land.

          • Am aware of the Grand Mufti alliance with NAZIs. Thanks for reminding me. It should be recounted in history books all over America but now if you major in history in many universities and colleges in USA it’s **not necessary** to study US history to acquire the degree in history.

      • Gaza is a left over from Egyptian Occupation. They washed their hands of the Gaza People just after WW2. Israel Occupied the Lands and the British Army before Israel.

        The Grand Mufti of the Palestine People during WW2 was wholly allied with Hitler and Germany under that Party.

        Gaza despite everything has taught generations of Children to one purpose Exporting of Death, Destruction and suffering to the Israel. To the Palestine People such as they are, they have been cooped up in a strong camp for 70 plus years with one wish. To eradicate Israel. Nothing less.

        A few days ago they finally made a mockery of the billion dollar Wall, Killed hundreds and thousands now with more to come. They focus on total death. So as it will be when this is all over anyone who is alive in Gaza after this winter will not be a Terrorist, Evil or wanting to make Death for Israel or anyone. Those few are worth saving.

        The entire land of Gaza all 25 by 7 miles of it is to be completely barren. THEN.. only then after everyone who survives is executed for terrorism, hamas etc and even the very word Hamas is erased from Human Memory all together as one weeds a garden then within a Generation Plant new life as a farm. Someday they will export life. In good foods to eat as they once did before in Human History.

        Maybe a couple of Generations they may earn the freedom to decide what to do with themselves as a People and make a choice. To join Egypt which is partly where they came from ancestrally or forget Islam and join with Israel among the Nations. They will choose. I will be dead by then.

        Iran will get their just deserts in some point. But not at this moment. Not yet. We have had hunting season back in the 80’s mowing the Iranian Weeds. And that will happen again until their Nation threatening Nuclear Death to us all is defanged and killed off. Then the Persian people will rejoice in a new land full of Life. Not death.

      • After careful thought you must realize that the Egyptians who created the Gaza District in their People’s History occupied them first after world war two. They washed the hands of it and the British Came in. Eventually soon after the Israelis bought some sand and lands from the Arabs Wanderers and created Tel Aviv and Farms bringing in Tens of thousands from the world over to build their future Homeland. And here they are. What a World Power.

        We have benefited in so many ways in the realm of medicine and so on. My State produces Iron Dome and ships them to Israel by the Train Load saving lives there for years. And will continue to do so and are actually expanding those production.

        The Gaza People are a occupied camp. A really large camp. 25 miles by 7 roughly. 5 millions. Soon to be 8 millions a generation later. And over 10 and on upwards exponetially. More terrorists, death and destruction for longer than you and I will be alive.

        No. Not acceptable. As of today Israel just imposed a formal military zone around Gaza itself big enough to properly destroy Hamas. There are going to be a awful lot of people killed when this is all over. God or Allah will sort all that out.

        In the end. Hamas will be erased from Human History. The Iranian Leadership, Hezbollah and so on will also be erased.

        What comes after must be life. Nothing at all remotely associated with Terrorism, Death or Evil at all. Otherwise we will do this war again next year and the year after that and over and over as has been for the last oh. 50 years. Enough is enough.

        And the Nazi talk? Please. The Palestine People such as they were in Gaza was formally under their Grand Mufti allied to Germany in World War two. They were defeated when Germany was also. They made their choice to make death and evil for generations.

        That ends now before the coming of winter. Spring will come after. And what a wonderful spring that will be.

        • *****Eventually soon after the Israelis bought some sand and lands from the Arabs Wanderers and created Tel Aviv and Farms bringing in Tens of thousands from the world over to build their future Homeland. And here they are. What a World Power.*****

          To add: The invasion through our southern border is exactly the same. Liberty county Texas the illegal alien “Colony Ridge” there and I suspect others. Many houses in Houston Texas have half a dozen or more cars parked at night.

  4. The more terrorists group[s that join Hamas, the more the enemies of of Israel will be destroyed.
    Will the Democrats learn that policies of hate will finally cause retaliations?

    • I have written off the Democrat Party as a Metastatic Cancer hurting the USA in its radical policies that is the opposite of what America was for. I was raised a liberal in a world of older nicer Dems who knew what America was. After about the Clinton Era things started going down hill and here we are. Not acceptable.

      I am no longer a liberal. Have gone the other way entirely. A Patriot now.

  5. Israel could use some of those large pumps to mover the Mediterranean into all the tunnels they find in the Gaza strip. Drown the rats that way.


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