Gen. Can’t Define Gender Program He’s Pushing on the Academy


Rep. Matt Gaetz tried to get a definition of gender ideology from Lt. Gen. Richard Clark during a hearing yesterday. The General is pushing a program on the Air Force Academy but can’t define any of the terms. You have to watch it for yourself. Americans are now certifiable, and the Air Force is certifiable.

The following is an excerpt to give you an idea of how this went.

Rep. Gaetz asked if most of the men in the Air Force are men, not women, cisgender men, not transgender. The Lt. Gen. said they were.

“But yet, at our academies, we push something called the Brooke Owens Fellowship. Are you familiar with that?”

CLARK: “I am, yes, Sir.

GAETZ: “And in that fellowship, it specifically says if you are a cisgender man, this program isn’t for you. So you just said that your answer on why we do … this full hug of these diversity concepts is because it’s all about the fighting force that we draw from. But you’re literally pushing a program in the academies that says if you’re a cisgender woman, a transgender woman, a nonbinary, agender, bigender, two-spirit, demi-gender [Gaetz interrupts his thought]… Do you know what a demi gender is?”

CLARK: “Sir, that’s a term of the people that are eligible for that particular scholarship that it’s available to. It’s a person who looks at their gender in a different way than I do, Sir.”

GAETZ: “Well, sure, that’s all of these people. You’re a cisgender man. You don’t even get to apply.”

CLARK: “Well …

GAETZ: “Do you know what demi gender really means?”

CLARK: “I’m not really sure, Sir.

GAETZ: “Right, so do you know what agender means – all one word, not a space gender, but agender.”

CLARK: “Sir, I don’t.”

GAETZ: “Right. So here we are, pushing a fellowship, calling for people that you don’t even know what the words mean. And the number one group of people – the cisgender men – are excluded now in the name of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Should we be pushing programs that we can’t define? That excludes the largest group of service members?”

CLARK: “Well, Sir, first, that program is not an Air Force Academy program. It’s a program open to our entire country.”

GAETZ: “Right.”

“So we allow you guys to advocate for within the Academy. We allow our cadets to apply for it. Why are you allowing your cadets to apply for a program when you cannot define the basic terms of eligibility?”

CLARK: “Because it’s an opportunity for us to develop them as warfighters. and we look for every opportunity…”

Yikes! Your head will spin watching this. Logic is out the door.



  1. This is just like AA at my former large tech employer. People there sacrificed basic credibility and integrity to support a dumbing down of the workforce with inappropriate people. They did it for promotions and more money.

    The USA military is a failure. It does not defend the USA, it wastes trillions of our money, and it instigates trouble worldwide.

    Gaetz is the top member of congress.


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