Georgia Clerk Explains the “Fictitious’ Release of Charges Against DJT+ 18 GOP


A Fulton County Clerk named Ché Alexander fell on her sword and took a hit for releasing the indictment of Donald Trump before the jury reached any decisions.

Speaking with WSB-TV, she said she made the error because she felt pressured to ensure the process went smoothly.

Miss Alexander said, “It wasn’t an official document. It wasn’t official charges…it was the dry run…it was a work sample.”

A reporter asked why she released a statement calling the document fictitious. Miss Alexander said it “was the best word that I could come up with… it was fictitious…it wasn’t real…it didn’t have a stamp on it.”

That was a bad word to use since it was the exact document that was later released after the jury made the decision and it was stamped.

She said they were getting threatening calls in the office, and she wanted to be “transparent” about it.

However, that doesn’t explain why they had the exact charges ready hours before the decision was handed down. They have some amazing powers of prognostication, or did they just hand-pick the locale and jury to get the desired result?

Alexander says her mistake had no impact on the grand jury and its decision.

We’re glad to hear it.



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