Georgia Jurors in the Donald Trump Case Are Threatened Online


Jury members in the Georgia case against Donald Trump and associates are being threatened. Someone leaked their personal information online.

According to the Sheriff’s Office in Fulton County, Georgia, the personal information of jury members was leaked online.

Donald Trump and his associates were charged earlier this week with conspiring to subvert the 2020 election results in that state illegally.

NBC News and CNN previously reported that names, addresses, photographs, and social media profiles purportedly belonging to the jury were being shared online.

There has been high security around the Fulton County courthouse in Atlanta over President Trump’s indictment. The state government policy is that indictments are made public record, including the names of grand jurors but no other personally identifiable information.

The Sheriff’s Office says it’s working with state and federal agencies to track down the origin of the threats.

These threats are meant to subvert the juror’s findings in the case.




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