Georgia’s Special Grand Jury Was Led by a Witch


The first grand jury in the Georgia indictment of Donald Trump and his allies was a special grand jury that could make recommendations but not indict. Their recommendations released today were quite stunning. They recommended 30 Republicans be indicted for listening in on the infamous Trump-Raffesperger call or by making political statements they didn’t like.

Screenshot of Emily Kohrs joking smirking acting weird through her bizarre media tour

It seems a good time to point out that the forewoman is a self-identified witch as in cauldrons and spells. This is the clown world justice system.

The forewoman was gleeful about recommending criminal charges against them.

That’s probably how witches are.

Ninja Turtle Popsicle

During a bizarre media tour, she said she swore in one witness while holding a Ninja Turtle ice pop. More importantly, she received the popsicle at the district attorney’s office ice cream party. A what?

Why would grand jurors socialize with the prosecutors? A grand jury is an independent body. Prosecutors know they must not do that, but this is the Progressive Democrat justice system now.




  1. What???? A witch hunt being led by a “witch”! Wow! Of course it is being led by a deranged nutjob claiming to be a witch. That makes sense in today’s clown world.
    Well, to some folks it does, who have suspended their common sense, or didn’t have any in the first place. Then the grand jury members and prosecutor fraternization makes sense as well. Lawsuit time. Gotta be some vids of that party.


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