Good News! Biden Met His Pledge to Deal with Illegal Immigration


White House Deputy Press Secretary Olivia Dalton claimed on MSNBC that Joe Biden met his pledge to address illegal immigration.

This is genuinely 1984. The only thing George Orwell got wrong was the date.

Today, a caller into Bo Snerdley’s show said his wife is Peruvian and listens to their news. She said they’re rounding up all the Venezuelans coming in illegally. The caller thinks they’re deporting them to the US. Would it surprise anyone? That’s how insane it all is. Biden has welcomed illegal immigration from the entire world.

Non-stop luxury buses taking strangers to America.

Host  Jonathan Lemire then asked, “So, let’s talk about the Venezuelans, this move to offer temporary legal status, some have suggested or expressed a concern that that might just provide incentive for more to cross the border. What’s the response to them?”

Dalton responded, “Well, this President has been very, very clear. We put in policies earlier this year to ensure that we are sending a very clear message that if you do not come to this country lawfully, you will be removed. We’ve stepped up enforcement on the border to do just that. We, right now, have doubled ICE international flights and removals over last year’s levels. And so, our message remains very clear: If you don’t enter the country lawfully, we will take action, and the President has met that with increased enforcement.”

Emphasis added.

Whaaat? Does anyone believe this, anyone???

Mayor Adams is slashing the NYPD by 75% to house illegal aliens from over 160 countries. As Border Patrol reported Friday, 7.5 million unvetted, anonymous illegals were released into the United States under Joe Biden. Of that number, 5.18 million are young, adult men. In August alone, 304,162 entered.



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