Good News! Climate De-Populationists Aren’t “Trying to Kill Us”


During an interview with Allie Beth Stuckley at BlazeTV, Marc Morano explained the goal of the de-populationists. “They’re not trying to kill us.” They’re just managing our disappearance.

Essentially they’re waiting for “the current population to age and die off and then future population control. … I interviewed Hans SchellenHuber, the German climate advisor who’s at all these United Nations climate summits. He’s one of these people, and many others, who believe the carrying capacity of the earth is only about 1 billion people.

“Well, we have about almost eight billion now. I think it’s 7.9. So, they’re talking about eventual elimination, because the earth can’t handle its species; trees can’t handle its; natural ecosystems can’t handle it; the distribution systems of food and medicine can’t handle it.

“They’re not talking about killing people now, but they’re talking about future generations really radically cutting back. ..

If they would only leave it to natural forces, “wealth and development is one of the most proven ways to lower population, in fact, as a country gets wealthier, the number of kids that families have invariably drop. We’ve seen it happen all over the world, over the past few centuries. And there’s no reason to think that won’t happen.

“What’s weird about it is they want to prevent that wealth, under the name of some overpopulation fears from countries and that’s what’s happening in Africa.

“It’s a new form of colonialism that they’re doing they’re telling them they can’t make the same mistakes that we made here in the West with fossil fuels because they’ll make the climate catastrophe worse.

“So Africa can’t make the same mistakes of development, cheap fossil fuels wealth, longer life expectancy lower infant mortality, cleaner air, cleaner water, and better infrastructure. I mean they can’t make those mistakes.

“Instead, you have to have wealthy white westerners go in and tell them how to manage their economy. And to make sure it happens, the UN sets up a climate slush fund that quite literally pays African and South American leaders who are best able to keep their people locked in poverty.

“In other words, the more poverty you have, the lower your emissions you are the better steward of the climate, you are, and that’s what the UN …I’ve talked to development activists in South Africa about this. They literally pay the governments and the leaders who are best able to keep their people locked in poverty and then they give this money, and of course these leaders then use it to ensure their own reelection.”

[This reminds me of the Chinese Maoists’ one-child policy. It’s the same mindset.]

Jane Goodall explains further [she needs to stick to chimps]:



  1. It is pathetic saying trees can’t handle their claimed overpopulation when they are the ones clearcutting forested areas to make way for unreliable solar farms. And they’re the ones trying to remove CO2 from the atmosphere that trees need for photosynthesis to make O2 which we all need.

  2. It’s not a holocaust like Stalin, Hitler, Mao. It’s a more gradual and friendlier way of eliminating us. It’s an attack from all directions.


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