Good News! Joe Biden Says He “Ended Cancer As We Know It”


The Walter Mitty President Joe Biden “ended cancer as we know it” – who knew? He’s amazing. I wonder if Xi and Putin let out a good belly laugh over this one? We’re a joke. Putin’s right-hand man Dmitry Medvedev calls Biden ‘Sleepy Joe,’ the name Donald Trump coined for him.

“[indecipherable] cure cancer. And he looked at me like, Why cancer? Because no one thinks we can. That’s why. And we can. We ended cancer as we know it,” Biden said.

This Walter Mitty of our times is who Democrats and the media want to shove down our throats for another four years. They will do anything for the agenda. They hate you.

In case you didn’t know, there is no cure for cancer. In 2022, he launched his moonshot to end cancer by 50% over the next 25 years. He has made no progress.

He’s lying about civil rights protests again.

“It was a lesson I learned coming out of — not like real leaders in the civil rights movement — but when I came out of the civil rights movement as a kid as a public defender…” Biden said.

According to reports, Joe Biden was a public defender briefly (perhaps a month). All he did was defend a cow thief in Delaware. The Gateway Pundit had this first.

“Given how long ago and limited it was, the depth of Biden’s work as a public defender is difficult to plumb. Databases available to the public at the Wilmington courts where Biden practiced do not allow for searches by attorney name. Newspaper archives show several stories, including the case of the stolen cow, that identified Biden as a public defender between June and July of 1969. Campaign officials and other Biden allies did not recall other specific cases.” BuzzFeed previously reported.

That sounds like a key civil rights case. The thief needed a cow.

As has been proven time and time again, Biden never participated in any civil rights actions. As a matter of fact, he got into the Senate with the backing of the most vile segregationists in the South – the Democrat Dixiecrats.

Bidenese speak:

He’s a walking pack of lies.

Biden thinks his crimes are very funny. He’s daring you to find the money.

Impeach! 25th Amendment! Something – fast. Then impeach the lying Kamala.



  1. “as we know it”
    Well Joe does not know anything, so I would say he has accomplished nothing, a least nothing good.


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