GOP Debt Ceiling Rebellion Is Over


According to far-far left, hardcore leftist media activists at Politico, the conservative debt ceiling rebellion is over, even before it began.

“During a closed-door House GOP conference meeting last night, Rep. Randy Weber (R-Texas) stood up and delivered a message to some of his fellow conservative hard-liners.”

“Cut it out,” he said, according to two people in the room.”

Politico said the message was “directed squarely at a small group on the far-right.”

[You’re far-right and a hardliner if you don’t want pandemic trillions carried over ad infinitum and want limited government.  How the US got to this place is perplexing.]

Rep. Dan Bishop discussed a motion to vacate and put McCarthy out to pasture. Politico reported that Rep. Chip Roy suggested to Glenn Beck that they’d have to “figure out the whole leadership arrangement again” if the deal remained.

“Other influential conservatives — including Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), the Freedom Caucus co-founder and godfather of the hard right”… told reporters it was “a terrible idea.” Politico dubbed Jordan the “godfather of the hard right” as if he were a Nazi.

Bishop, Roy, and Norman abandoned the plan to oust McCarthy. There weren’t any votes to get it done, and the debt deal will sail through Congress.

McCarthy worked around his critics when they pushed for floor votes. Also, Rep. Thomas Massie – who Politico calls a hardliner – supported McCarthy. If Rep. Massie didn’t support the rebellion, it definitely couldn’t work.

McCarthy said, “If you think I failed you, I’m sorry,” he told them at the conference meeting. “But if you think I failed, I think you’re wrong.”

Daniel Horowitz felt that if McCarthy went about it differently, McCarthy would have been more successful. It is too late now.

The thing that bothered me most was McCarthy saying things like, “Republicans gave up nothing.” Just tell the truth.

The rebellion is over.



  1. I do not vote for RINOs ever. My rebellion is not over.

    Senator Mark Kirk was a republican who spent his time trashing Trump and embracing leftist policies such as on abortion. He sabotaged his campaign and lost badly. He then became a lobbyist for China.

    Congressman Peter Roskam ran against Trump and was defeated badly in my conservative district. Trump rightly mocked him. He then became a lobbyist for China.

    They both became rich by losing.

    The republican candidate in my district last year had as his top issue the need to make immigration easier. I spoke with him, he made some untrue statements, and ignored my rebuttals. He lost badly in my conservative district.

    • Malabo wouldn’t be my first choice, but we do have property overseas for when the bullets fly. I started making plans when Clinton was Elected.

  2. I had a interesting discussion this morning at Breakfast. Normally, the local Rednecks talk about locking and loading and taking names for the Civil War. This morning they were quieter and more somber. The were worried our Representative will vote for raising the Debt Ceiling. He’s been unusually quiet about the issue the last few days. Instead of primarying him, they were talking about registering Democrat and voting for the Most Radical Democrat they can find. Their thinking is moving to destroy the Union and have the Red States band together and create a new Conservative, Moral, and Religious Country. I guess people are beginning to realize the United States of America they grew up in no longer exist. I’m pretty sure that everyone of the guys at all three tables are also Vets and that makes this really sad!

    I’ll wait for the actual vote, but I think the deal has already been cut. The Politicians are most likely going to go against 66% of the Country. I’ll continue taking Names! The Rebellion hasn’t even started; we’re still playing Politics!

    • I favor separation, because self destruction must be avoided.

      But at this point, the feds would come in, arrest the leaders, and put the rebels into camps.

      The union never had the right to stop the confederacy from secession. Slavery was not the main issue back then, that is revisionist history to give the union credit.

      • The Victors Write the History Books. While Slavery was a Huge Issue, it was unfair Taxation that actually Sparked the Civil War. Slavery quickly became an issue for the South because the whole Southern Economy was built on Slavery. The North tolerated it because they needed the Raw Goods the South produced. It’s interesting that it took an Amendment to end Slavery since the North kept their Slaves after the War ended. Somehow a Slave that was a House Servant was OK, but a Slave who was a Field Hand wasn’t. The Issue of Slavery wasn’t an Issue in the North until 1862 when Northerners started questioning the War. Privately, Lincoln wanted to send the Slaves back to Africa because they were becoming “a Crime Problem”. There just wasn’t jobs for Slaves in the North.

  3. There was never a revolt! LOL! There are a few true patriots who try reining in the spending, as usual, but we knew the balance of the party are RINO and we knew Kevin was chosen and installed so he could help the Deep State Uniparty. That’s what he did.

    • Bannon says that there has never been any bill of this magnitude in which there were 71 dissents and the other side was more supportive.

  4. Bunch of weak ass wimps. How did they get there? We put them there. I’m tired of always being on the losing side.


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