GOP Demands DHS Stop Targeting GOP, Conservatives & Christians as Nazis


The Department of Homeland Security is targeting conservative Americans and bankrolling a university program that lumps the Republican Party, as well as Christian and conservative groups, into the same category as Nazis, Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., wrote in a letter to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, reports Fox News.

Biggs and 15 House Republican co-signers sent Mayorkas the letter on Friday. He called on him to stop DHS’s targeting of the Biden administration’s political opponents.

“Under your leadership, the Department of Homeland Security has repeatedly targeted conservative Americans for lawfully expressing their First Amendment rights,” the letter states. “The Constitution prohibits the federal government from suppressing the free speech of Americans, by any means, including the use of third parties to engage in unconstitutional attacks on free speech. But this unlawful federal speech regulatory regime continues to be the norm under the Biden administration.”

Biggs highlights a DHS grant program that provides funding to organizations that “openly demonize and equate mainstream conservatism with domestic terrorism,” adding that it’s Mayorkas’ “duty to stop this un-American politically motivated targeting of ideas.”

The Media Research Center exposé prompted this letter.

The Media Research Center, a conservative watchdog group, obtained documents through Freedom of Information Act requests spotlighting controversial recipients of DHS’s Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention Grant Program (TVTP). The government initiative funds various public, private, and non-profit institutions — such as universities and county governments. The purpose is “to establish or enhance capabilities to prevent targeted violence and terrorism.” Grant applicants must be based in the U.S. and implement a U.S.-based program.

As The Media Research Center (MRC) reported, the documents show that your taxpayer money for anti-terrorism efforts targeted non-terrorist political opponents of the administration. Biden’s Department of Homeland Security used a $40 million grant program to target CONSERVATIVE organizations and media – everyday Americans.

The Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention Grant Program (TVTP) was established by the DHS in 2011 to combat Al Qaeda. It was expanded to include political opponents.

The most radical LEFT of the grantees was The University of Dayton. They equated mainstream groups with neo-Nazis. These are the so-called neo-Nazis:

  • The Heritage Foundation,
  • Fox News,
  • the National Rifle Association (NRA),
  • Breitbart News,
  • PragerU,
  • Turning Point USA,
  • Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN),
  • American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF)
  • and the Republican National Committee, among others.

They compared Donald Trump to Pol Pot, a mass murderer. The lunatics suggested Gov. Ron DeSantis might start a second Holocaust.

 They put mainstream political opponents on a pyramid with the worst neo-nazis. Watch:



  1. Harshly Worded Letter Number 1,873. And SIXTEEN whole signers! Out of 222 House Republicans! Excellent. This one’ll get’em. This one is gonna change everything. Just you want and see.

  2. Our govt banks on people’s total ignorance of the NAZI’s, the NAZI’s were Not ‘Right-Wing’ the NAZI’s were LEFTIST-Socialist, hence the name “National SOCIALIST German WORKERS Party”.
    All the old historical books designate them as Socialist; they were not even ‘Fascist’ as historical books cite there were only Two Fascists in Europe at the time of Hitler’s rise, one Mussolini of Italy, the other Franco of Spain, Hitler’s NAZI Germany was NOT one of them.
    So having our govt twist things to this degree shows they have been skewing historical facts for decades in our public schools.

  3. Starting with the Clinton Administration, the 1960s and 1970s Communist began flooding the Deep State Bureaucracies. Today the people running the Government, in the Congress and the Administration are Communist or at least Communist sympathizers. They are using the Power of Government to purge the Nation of Patriots and anyone who is not a devout Comrade.

    Letters are meaningless, Articles of Impeach carry some weight. Anything Less than Articles of Impeachment is just pissing in the Wind. Even if you don’t get the Senate to concur, an open trial and evidence will shine the light of truth on what is really going in the Biden (Traitor Joe) Administration.

    Already 60% of Americans support President Trump, but the Democrats will steal the 2024 Election if they are not stopped by Republicans and none stop Impeachment Trials. There is mountains of Malfeasance out there. The Malfeasance needs to see the light of day.

    • Yes, letters sent wont do a thing, putting legal teeth into something to make this DHS stop will.
      In fact the DHS needs to be disbanded, just as the FBI also needs to be defunded and disbanded as well.


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