Governor Newsom Looks Like a Possible Presidential Candidate


Democrat Governor of California Gavin Newsom appears eager to become the Democrat candidate for President in 2024 if Biden slips due to foreign scandals. He ruined California and now wants to do for the entire country what he has done for California.

Newsom is setting up multiple committees that have raised and spent millions of dollars in a few months.

“The three Newsom-affiliated committees are a political action committee, which limits contributions to $5,000 a year and can donate to individual candidates; a SuperPAC, which can raise unlimited amounts of cash but is restricted from promoting a specific candidate, and a joint fundraising committee, which functions like a bank, mostly collecting and distributing funds to the other groups.”

The steps he has taken are described as preliminary steps for a presidential campaign.

If he doesn’t run in 2024, 2028 isn’t that far off.

Newsom has denied interest in the presidency, but he is building a national profile and taking on people like Governor DeSantis.

“Newsom has made it very clear he would never, ever, ever run for president, but on the off chance that he changes his mind, a lot of this would money would be available to him,” said Dan Schnur, a political science professor at USC and former GOP political consultant.

Sacramento Bee wrote: When he launched the PAC, Newsom said it was his way of fighting back against “rising authoritarianism” and helping “elect leaders in 2024 who believe in democracy.” Newsom seeded it with more than $10 million from his gubernatorial campaign account.

How ironic whne an authoritarian like Newsom accuses anyone on the right of being authoritarian. Newsom’s a threat to democracy who pretends he is opposed to authoritarianism after brutally locking down his state long after it was even slightly warranted.



  1. Newsome runs, the women will swoon over him as they judge many politicians according to looks. All depends if Biden slips on a banana peel and disappears from the scene.

    • Doesn’t say much. These wymen swooned for Obama, Clinton, Kerry, and the most macho of them all, the Hildabeast. The difference between Republican women and Democrat wymen is that the Democratic wymen have penises.

  2. With typical Democrat lying and hypocrisy Newsome, a totalitarian, pretend to support the freedoms he wants to steal.

    There can never be sufficient exposés of this dangerous man.


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