Graham Laughs About Russians Dying – Best Money Ever Spent


Yesterday US Senator Lindsay Graham flew to Ukraine to assure President Zelensky that the US is still committed to him during the debt ceiling crisis.

After speaking to Zelensky, he stated the US needs to send more weapons, and there can be no backing off.

He did this on Memorial Day weekend. Graham should be honoring our vets, not laughing about soldiers dying thousands of miles away. Death is so final. It’s not a laughing matter. Ukrainians are dying. All this death and destruction, and he finds humor in that.

We are being invaded, and none of these fools care. We put the invaders in fancy hotels, giving them anything they ask for while pouring billions into Ukraine to preserve their borders.

It’s utter madness.

Graham laughed as he applauded spending US money to kill Russians. “The Russians are dying… it’s the best money we’ve ever spent.”

That reminds me of Hillary laughing after Khaddafi was tortured and killed. It’s not right. Think of the mothers, fathers, wives, and children who are suffering over the loss of their loved one who feels he’s fighting for his country.

Graham’s laughing in the clip about killing people in a war that never should have happened. These people are sick and have way too much power.

The South Carolina senator needs to fight on the front lines if he’s so committed.

F-16s won’t save Ukraine.


He’s pushing Ukraine’s membership in the EU and NATO, which Russia will see as an existential threat. He’s looking for World War III.

You can’t believe a thing this guy says.



  1. Senator Lindsay Graham is a jackass still fighting the cold war. He is stuck on Stupid and you can’t fix Stupid!

  2. Graham is an evil man. He is obviously tied into the corrupt DC war and intel establishment. We are being invaded, caused by our government, and he never mentions it. A person has to be stupid and/or immoral to fall for his patriot act.

  3. Note he didn’t specify which Russians are dying, or should be evicted. Ukraine wants to rid the country of virtually every ethnic Russian.

    He says that with such ‘glee’, much like Hillary. As far as I’m concerned, he’s too stupid to be a Senator.

  4. The second video of LG endorsing Ukraine entry into NATO will facilitate WW3, which is what the globalists want. Russia will not let that happen! Rightly so any more than we would let Mexico or Cuba put balistic missels on our border or 90 miles off the coast of Florida.

  5. This is very new worthy! Check and see if Levin and Beck report what LG said! Fellow NEOCONS do not usually report things that they think true conservatives will be UNhappy about!


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