Graham Vows Counteroffensive to Unleash “Holy Hell” on Russian Military


Russia issued a warrant for Lindsey Graham’s arrest after Ukraine released an edited video of him saying, “The Russians are dying,” and this is the “best money we’ve ever spent,” with a smile on his face.

The editor-in-chief of Russia’s state-controlled broadcaster RT, Margarita Simonovna Simonyan, called for the assassination of Senator Lindsey Graham.

Russia condemned Graham for telling Ukrainian President Zelensky the best money Washington had ever spent was because “Russians are dying.”

The media is now saying his words were taken out of context. In a full-length version of the meeting between Graham and Zelensky, Daily Mail says the senator said he was sending U.S. aid to Ukraine rather than saying the actual deaths of the Russians was a valuable investment in global security for the United States.

Daily Mail adjusted the dialogue to fit that contention [Lie by Omissions]:

In a full-length version of the meeting between Graham and Zelensky, what the senator actually said was the sending of U.S. aid to Ukraine rather than the actual deaths of the Russians was a valuable investment in global security for the United States.

Graham told the Ukrainian president the resistance being shown reminded him of ‘our better selves in America. There was a time in America that we were this way, fighting to the last person; we were going to be free or die.”

Zelensky responded: ‘Now you are free—and we will be,’ to which Graham added: ‘And the Russians are dying.’ [They left out the part about the best money ever spent.]

Ukraine’s president responded: “Yes, but they came to our territory. We are not fighting on their territory.”

The Actual Dialogue in the Longer Tape:

“Now you are free.”

Yes, and we will be free.

“And the Russians are dying. That was the best money we’ve ever spent.“

“Thank you so much.”

“Our better selves in America that there was a time in America that we were so young.

He said the upcoming counteroffensive would unleash Holy Hell on the Russian military.

Graham then gave a speech declaring all politicians must agree with him. Graham said in the upcoming counteroffensive, the Russian military would have ‘holy hell’ unleashed upon them.

Maybe Lindsey Gramnesty should lead a division over there.

“…If they are forgiven in the name of peace, you all have destroyed everything we stood for since the end of World War II. There can be no forgiving and forgetting when it comes to Putin’s war crimes. There can be no backing off of helping Ukraine because if we fail here, there goes Taiwan…

“If you’re running for president as a Republican or Democrat I don’t know how you can make the argument that we’re stronger against China if we pull the plug on Ukraine. That makes zero sense. What I want the Chinese to see is that invading a neighbor is not as easy as it looks…”

Earlier, he said he wears the Russian arrest warrant like a badge of honor.”

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They’re hoping you won’t watch the video.



  1. The new John McCain in the Congress. Well maybe the loudest, there’s a lot of warmongers in both chambers and both parties. People keep electing them so….

  2. Lindsey isn’t wrong all the time. Putin is a bloody tyrant and head of a tyrannical nation that’s been holding the world hostage ever since they got nuclear weapons, because Russians are bullies. General MacArthur wanted to finish off the Russians after the Germans and Japanese surrendered, and he had a valid point. Lindsey Graham does now. The Russians will never stop until they are stopped.

    • Do you know the history of Ukraine and the coup in 2014 and why Putin actually entered or are you just puppeting what your told by MSM and the school indoctrination camps? I used to think everything you just espoused. After learning some history and seeing actions taken by our own government and media to silence a few who had the cahones to tell the truth I’m on the opposite side now. While Putin may be a bad leader, at this moment in time he has the full support of the vast majority of his citizen’s. They want to remain free in some sense not be taken over by western ideologues and have their country sliced up into little states beholden to some European know it alls and a belligerent US government calling the shots. This is a fight for the future if their country, it’s sovereignty and the people’s ability to choose their own destiny. If you think it’ll be all blueberries and cherries, we should just walk right in and take out the Russian government and the people will thank you, you need your head examined. You need to expand your information channels because your totally out of touch with what the average Russian citizens are saying.

    • General MacArthur wanted to finish off the Russians…” Don’t you think the Soviets were aware of this. That’s what is called an existential threat. No wonder they were so hostile for so long. The US and the UK did have plans right after WWII to nuke Russia along with a full-scale invasion to break it apart in six or seven regions. Those plans have been reiterated recently. So the West are the warmongers and an existential threat to the world.

      It’s quite interesting that an Israeli Rabbi / Professor recently said that Russia is the last moral country in the world. There’s more freedom of religion, for all, than any other place on the globe, especially compared to the West. Apparently all you’ve heard of Putin is propaganda. The main reason the West is in such an uproar is what Secretary Austin said at the Naval Academy. This rules based international order is the promotion of the “lgbt” lifestyle. It’s the reason they flag the pride flag at embassies. Ethnic Russians want nothing of this depravity. This is what started the Maidan, those in western Ukraine who wanted Europe’s depravity and the ethnic Russians in the East who stood against it. As Putin has said, you let this persist in culture, it will destroy society and eventually the nation. So, what is the State of Our Nation.

      So graduates, you will deploy forward. You will travel the globe to defend our democracy. And you will learn that the lifeblood of the rules-based international order is actually seawater.”

      Compare what the West does when it seeks relations with other countries and what Russia and China do. We use colorful terms such as “freedom and democracy” when describing our actions and goals, but that is far from the reality on the ground. What does Iraq and Afghanistan look like after we brought “freedom and democracy” and “liberated” them and then look at Russia. One city totally devastated is Mariupol. Russia has already been rebuilding that city with 37,000 workers, building quite a number of high-rise apartment buildings, along with a 200 bed hospital built in three months. Where do we see that in Iraq and Afghanistan. The World is seeing a start contrast between the West and Russia / China.

      I’ve been hearing for some time about China and the scary Belt and Road initiative. I’ve heard the phrase but it’s never expounded upon so my curiosity was piqued. Apparently that means China is building projects in other countries on an industrial scale, whether it be long railroads or electrifying an entire nation.

      It sure seems like Russia and China are making the world a better place. But what is the West, and specifically the US doing. We’re using State Department affiliated NGO’s such as NED to support opposition in numerous countries, under the banner of “National Endowment for Democracy”. Oh, how innocuous sounding. This is what the US did in Ukraine in 2014. Invariably these opposition parties create havoc in countries and to solve the problem the US will bring in weapons and training to NATO standards. So, instead of building, our country supplies military. When the country is devastated enough then it is time to bring in the reconstruction. (That is the talk now in Ukraine) But the opposition that the West brings in are invariably corrupt and the end result is a money-laundering operation, with little to nothing to show for it. Apparently BlackRock will be raking it in from Ukraine.

      “Are we the baddies”

  3. A coward scum bag who lives with his mother running his mouth about a subject about which he knows nothing.

  4. Russia issues warrant for Neocon Lindsey Graham’s arrest? Wow. GOOD for Russia. If only they could follow through and make it happen. They’d be doing the United States a big favor.

    And SHAME on South Carolina for being so pitifully spineless when it comes to Republican Senate primaries in their state, and instead continuing, ad nasueum, to inflict this SOB upon our country.

  5. Graham is an evil man who is saying things worse than were stated in the cold war. He has to be a MIC/intel asset to behave the way he does. Plus he is a huge ham.


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