Gruesome Cartel Murder Video Should Serve as a Cautionary Tale


Please beware that clicking the ‘gruesome video’ link will take you to the most horrific murder scene, and the horror lasts after you view it. Also, know these are the people Biden Democrats allow to freely cross our borders to kill Americans. They come to commit heinous crimes. That’s the better life they want.

The Horror Story

A gruesome video circulating Wednesday on social media may have recorded the last moments of five kidnapped young men in Lagos de Moreno. Their families and the police have been searching for them.

It looks like five young friends [link shows the young men in life] bludgeoning and decapitating one another. Bound, inert bodies are seen lying in the foreground.

In the clip, a young man is seen beating a bound man with a hammer and decapitating another victim. The attacker appears to be the fourth member of the kidnapped group of friends. The fifth group member might be the body police found inside a burned-out car nearby.

Alll these friends wanted to do was go to a festival in Lagos de Moreno in Jalisco state. What made them follow the cartel orders to kill each other, we cannot say – terror, drugs, who knows.

“This video and the information that was made public on a social media platform is now part of the investigation,” Luis Méndez Ruiz, the Jalisco state attorney general said. The clothing worn by the men in the video also resembles a photo of them alive but bound, which was released earlier.

The video features a text written over the image that says “Puro MZ,” an apparent reference to El Mayo Zambada, the leader of a faction of the Sinaloa drug cartel. A song Dancing Queen plays during the horrific crime.

It looks like someone threw the fourth member a brick so he could bludgeon the victim, his friend.

This Isn’t a One-Time Event

In 2010, one Mexican cartel abducted men from passenger buses and forced them to fight each other to death with sledgehammers.

That tragedy was exposed in 2011 when authorities found 48 clandestine graves containing the bodies of 193 people in the northern border state of Tamaulipas. Most had their skulls crushed with sledgehammers, and many were Central American migrants.

They were pulled from buses.

I’m sorry if you are horrified. You should be.

Most are released without vetting from around the world, dangerous areas of the world. Biden Democrats won’t even allow them to be tracked.

These people cross our borders regularly, as I said. They claim they just walk across, meeting no resistance.

They are the drug dealers and sex traffickers welcomed by Democrats.
I don’t give a damn if you are Republican or Democrat we should all be horrified that they have drone views of the Mexican drug cartels on American soil in bodyarmor and AK 47s standing guard while illegals cross our border ⁉️If this were any other country we would have a military there, but Biden welcomes the cartel with open arms. Is the Biden crime family getting a payoff from the Mexican drug cartels and Allowing this to happen? 🔥🚨‼️Why aren’t they being stopped




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