Hacktivists Say They Will Massively Attack Western Financial System


The hacktivist groups KillNet, Anonymous Sudan, and REvil said they would take down the entire European banking system within the next 48 hours. They want the money and weapons to Ukraine to stop. These hacktivists are all said to be pro-Russia.

They’re particularly after SWIFT, our now-weaponized world monetary system.

I didn’t post this because I thought it was simply a scare tactic, but then the government announced significant hacks in several US government agencies.

Apparently, the hackers, believed to be Russian, hacked into the most critical infrastructure.

It looks like the EU is taking it seriously.



  1. Democrats and the MSM in 2016 ; “Russia is colluding with Trump to rig 2016 election!” = turned out to be false

    Democrats and MSM in 2020 ; ” Russia fabricated the Hunter laptop story !” = turned out to be 100% false.

    Democrats and MSM ; ” Russia blew up ( their own ) pipeline ! ” = False as well

    Democrats and their MSM have lied about Russia too many times…They have falsely blamed Russia too may times.

    I have a hard time believing Russia is behind this cyber attack.

  2. Rather curious that McAfee was working on intrusion prevention hardware before he was arrested. If such a system was developed it means attacks could never reach the computer system. Considering governments, especially the US, use hacking tools against other countries and individuals, as Wikileaks proved to everyone. A McAfee system would prevent the West from using such hacking tools.

    No one bothers to question why Microsoft continues to have so many vulnerabilities. The operating system is designed for this purpose. It began when the Internet was directly integrated with the operating system itself. There’s one reason to implement such a design.

  3. I am sorry if at times I sound arrogant or pretentious, but aproximately 30 years ago when I realized that one day everyone and everything would be on computers, and that we would rely on computer for everything imaginable from banking, to controling electricity in the nation, to military weapons, I said ; ” computers will be our downfall” ( well now I say that leftism AND computers will be our downfall ) .

    Although the following joke is not technically right, the guy was right ; there was a stand up comic that used to say that putting all the knowledge of the world in something the size of a fridge magnet that you can erase with a fridge magnet is not a good idea.

    well it is not true that a fridge magnet can erase a hard drive but he was very close to the truth…

    another anecdotal story to illustrate my point; a Friend of mine spent months, I am not kidding it was many hours each day and it took many months, transfering hundreds of music CDs and hundreds of DVDs and BLUE ray movies , VHS movies,and thousands of other things ( family photos, family videos, documents etc ) to a multiple terabyte device that was not much bigger than a pack of cigarette.

    He was so proud of what he had done…he could hold everything that used to occupy the space of two rooms in one hand!

    and then one day he told me he dropped the device on the ground, it broke in a dozen pieces and he was never able to repair it ( and he works in that field )

    About 30 or 40 years of his life ( such as family movies that had been transfered from 8 mm to mp4 or something like that ) was erased in a few seconds.

    Everything was gone in seconds…

    Did you know paper has a shelf life of aproximatly 500 years?

    but did you know that all memory devices such as hard drives (mechanical or solid state), all USB flash drives all CDs and DVDs have a shelf life of 15 years ?

    after roughly 15 years the written data slowly starts to fade away is slowly erased.

    Archeologists of the future if they find our hard drives, our DVDs 500 or 5000 years from now, they will see nothing on them, the content will be completely erased.

    if they put all the books of the library of congress on such devices and get rid of the books, it means all of that could be lost in a couple decades if for some reason we can not actively make fresh copies every 10 or at most every 20 years ( if there is a long war or our civilization falls for some reason and no one can make or can afford to make fresh copies )

    But paper has a shelf life of 500 years ( yes it can burn but if in a safe it will last at least 500 years )

    A hard drive in a safe will start losing data after 15 or 20 years…

    Computers in some ways are absolutely wonderful devices but in other ways make our civilization extremely fragile…they put us in a very precarious, very unsafe situation.

    Computers ( and leftism ) will be our downfall.

  4. There are many ways to fight a war.
    Compare the costs and the effect. Bomb a city and maybe know it out.
    Attack the computers for little cost, destroy a country’s infrastructure, financial system and watch the country collapse.
    Bomb and cause suffering for a small %, computer attack and 25-50% could die during a very cold winter, and starve from lacking heat food, etc.
    Do Americans realise what total war will do to the USA mainland, even with no nuclear weapons used? And there evil people itching to try it.


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