Hamas Uses Abducted Israeli Babies, Toddlers as Human Shields


The people of Gaza are Hamas and Hamas are the people of Gaza. The Gazans voted for Hamas and they’ve supported Hamas all along. When Hamas attacks Israel, they will take to the streets to cheer. Now they’re all being forced to stay, physically forced by Hamas as Israelis bomb.

The cowards and propagandists of Hamas are using abducted Israeli babies and toddlers as human shields. They’re also using their own people as human shields.

Israel just cut off their Internet.



  1. We have learned a great deal in such a short amount of time. I saw Jew-hatred in the 60’s and it seemed to subside somewhat in the 70’s.

    It seems to have been under the radar until now. There are many on the left who had agreements with the right but these days they, too, are showing their true colors. The Jew-hatred is rampant all across the globe.

    Early on I realized that hatred came from simple jealousy. The vast majority are jealous of Jewish success in life. That success wasn’t given to them, nor was it stolen. Jewish tradition has always stressed education as a primary endeavor. This originated with Biblical Shem and the Yeshiva he operated, and taught Abraham and his sons and continues to this day. Education is a key to success. One can see the utter poverty in Black America which has shunned education for a couple generations. It wasn’t always that way.

    Because the haters consider themselves victims it naturally follows a victim needs a perpetrator. And what better perpetrator than a nation that prides itself on education. An interesting anecdote was South Korea who saw the Jewish success and in an effort to emulate it decided to have students study Talmud. But without a proper foundation that effort is futile.

    What has changed in modern society is it used to be people were satisfied with their accomplishments and had little envy of others. As that kept increasing and life became much easier, more time was available to consider leisure, which brings thoughts of what else in life is there. American today are vastly wealthier than the WWII generations. There is very little want in the average American home. We have more things than ever in history but still, it’s not satisfactory enough. This brings contempt and therefore that energy has to be channeled elsewhere. What better than a people who have overcome. Jealousy and Envy are traits that will destroy a nation and then it takes a near insurmountable disaster to affect change.

  2. By golly, then we should blow up every building in Gaza and attack Iran with missiles.That seems like a rational foreign policy, if you want to cause a major war, alienate the international community, and invite more terrorism. Let’s leave 2 million Gazans homeless, the USA will take them as refugees, It’s OK, we are broke, we are crowded, we already have massive crime, take more problems in.

    • Sounds good to me. Those from Gaza can go to Egypt. The rest of the so-called Palestinians in Israel can migrate to Jordan where the rest of their people are, since they are incapable of governing themselves.


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