Have You Noticed Rising Gas Prices? It’s a Clown World Issue


It’s very hard to discern parody from real life these days, but Heritage put this up, and it appears to be real. It would definitely meet the clown world’s expectations. It’s hard to believe how stupid people are. Don’t forget to read about the emergency reserve below the gif.

My only response is OMG.

Mr. Biden has decided to give up on filling the “strategic” petroleum reserve he robbed to help people get elected. You can’t make this stuff up!

This is from ZeroHedge.

“Minutes after the biggest weekly crude draw in API history, with gasoline prices at 2023 highs and with wholesales gasoline prices exploding higher (guaranteeing that retail pump prices are set to soar), the Biden administration just gave up on its efforts to refill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, something we had joked about literally moments earlier.

“As a reminder, the Biden admin has been drawing down on the SPR for the last 14 weeks and – despite all the promises – has not refilled the “STRATEGIC” political petroleum reserve one little bit.”

Gas prices in New York are going up fairly quickly. Regular here is now about $3.75 a gallon – it was $3.55 three days ago.



  1. [wpd-tenor full=’v0CDN9Ntth8AAAAM/biden-i-did-that.gif’ preview=’v0CDN9Ntth8AAAAe/biden-i-did-that.png’ width=’498′ height=’498′]ANOTHER ACCOMPLISHMENT OF THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION TO HURT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.


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