High Schooler Who Shoved an Officer on J6 Gets a Year in Prison


A high school student who stormed the U.S. Capitol, assaulted a police officer, and sat in a Senate floor chair reserved for the vice president was sentenced on Wednesday to one year in prison, reports the AP.

Georgia resident Bruno Joseph Cua was 18 when he entered the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, making him one of the youngest people charged in the riot.

Before learning his sentence, Cua apologized and told U.S. District Judge Randolph Moss that he was ashamed of his role.

“Everything that day was just one terrible decision after another,” said Cua, now 21.

Mr. Cua, who is from Georgia, did not engage in violence to get into the building, although he bragged about fighting his way in. He shoved a police officer in the hallway. He climbed scaffolding and went where he wasn’t supposed to go. Cua was in the building for 20 minutes.

A high schooler at the time, he had never committed a crime, was home-schooled, doesn’t drink or do drugs, and had never been in trouble.

The prosecutor kept him in solitary confinement for a month and told the judge he was too dangerous to be released. Fortunately, the judge had more decency and let him out. They slapped charges and synonyms of charges on him. He received no mercy and was called an insurrectionist.

Now he has to spend a year in prison, perhaps get raped and beaten for a year. No mercy for Republicans or Trump supporters, especially if they’re white.

He was with his friend, Brent Bozell’s son, that day, but he has yet to be sentenced.



  1. Slap on the wrist for democrats, cruel and unusual punishment for Republicans.

    How long can a nation go on when one side is above the law ?

  2. When are they going to arrest BLM & Antifa protesters that destroyed cities & tried to kill the police?
    People crossing our borders ‘illegally’ can receive government benefits, but they don’t get sentenced to prison for their crime.

  3. All these fools were lured into a trap by the incoming administration. You don’t shove cops or go where you aren’t supposed to be. This is one incident democrats will always remind the country of even 50 years from now


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