Horror on the US Border


Breitbart has a deeply concerning border story. Volunteers are doing clean-ups of the trash left by illegal aliens at the border, and some of the things they find will make you sick.

It’s John Rourke’s Great Cleanup.

They found children’s clothes and a onesie with a condom wrapper. Why were they found together? A lot of child traffickers are coming through.

Transcript from Breitbart Video

“Children’s clothing little babies, this is a onesie. … These poor freaking children,” Rourke, owner of Blue Line Moving, said before finding an open condom wrapper next to the children’s clothes.

“An open condom wrapper with children’s clothes there,” he said, finding a newborn diaper as well.

Guys. What the f*ck is a condom wrapper and little children’s clothes doing next to each other? Like how does that even — how do those two things come together? Unfortunately, I think that I have the answer to that question,” Rourke said, adding that it makes him sick to his stomach.

“This shit has got to end at this border. We cannot have this. Look at this. An open condom wrapper and little children’s onesie,” he said, emphasizing that there are a lot of “sick, sick people coming into this country.”

“Sure, there are people that are here to work hard and do the right thing, but unfortunately, there’s a lot of people, a lot of people, they’re doing this disgusting shit. Ok, it has to end,” Rourke said.

Hopefully, it’s not the horror he’s imagining. If it is, that makes them monsters – savages – and they are in our country.

In the clip below, he explains that they want to get on the “government tit” and don’t even bother with the app.

We will support them forever. Many are deadbeats and worse.

“Our border is wide open,” Rourke said.

A country is defined by its borders. We don’t have a country.

Do you want to know why they come and break our laws? Take New York, for example:

Mayor Adams gives them free housing, culturally appropriate meals, fluff-and-fold laundry, video games, board games, popcorn machines, snacks, tea, and coffee 24/7, everything they need for the babies and children, TVs, X-boxes, ping pong, foosball tables, Wi-Fi, and phones for making free international calls. Then there is the $ 2,000 to $ 3,000 they get monthly from the federal government. And if they pretend they’re two families – the father brings in one kid, and the mother brings in the other kids – they get double the allowance because it’s an easy scam. That couldn’t possibly be the reason they’re coming.




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