How An Actor-Comedian Became the President of Ukraine?


Cypriot journalist and YouTuber Alex Christoforou posted a video explaining how he believes an actor-comedian named Volodymyr Zelensky became president and went from the peace president to the war president.

In case you’re wondering where Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky came from, he came out of a TV show – literally.  Years ago, an oligarch named Igor Kolomoisky hoped to become president of Ukraine. Instead, Petro Poroshenko got the job. He then decided to start a TV show with a young actor comedian named Zelensky – that’s right, that Zelensky – who went from becoming an actor to President of Ukraine. The show was called Servant of the People.

Kolomoisky turned his TV show into a political party, and Zelensky became the candidate for president. According to Alex, Kolomoisky was going to use Zelensky as his figurehead. He planned to run on a platform of peace and solving the problem of Eastern Ukraine. He was going to force the Minsk agreement.

Alex in the clip below believes the US didn’t want peace, and separated Zelensky from his mentor, Kolomoisky.

He believes they decided then that they planned to use Zelensky to force regime change in Russia. They charged Kolomoisky with all sorts of crimes such as fraud and money laundering, seized his assets, and he went from having $2 billion to about $700,000. They managed to isolate Zelensky and he was by himself – a puppet actor of Ukraine.

Then the peace platform was done. They pushed a war platform instead, Christoforou believes.

Volodymyr Zelensky

This is what Alex believes is the way the US got control. Zelensky had to have someone help him.

Kolomoisky is back in Ukraine and he will be arrested. He’ll be in prison. Alex believes the reason Kolomoisky will be put in prison is because the US is pressuring Zelensky to hold elections, and Zelensky wants Kolomoisky out of the way. They want the competition eliminated. He thinks the narrative will be that Zelensky won a democratic election.

The BBC quoted Spokesperson John Kirby [United States National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications] as saying Ukraine suddenly breached the second line of Russian defenses.

Alex says he heard Ukraine is stuck in a small village of 500 people, or was once 500 people. Estonia reported that Ukraine passed through the first line of defense.

Margo Grossberg, the Minister of Defense for Estonia was accused of launching drones to attack Russia, but he said the attack on the base that destroyed two planes was “senseless,” and why would Estonia do that?

According to Alex, they need a win and they’re manufacturing success.

Zelensky is going to speak to the UN in a few weeks, and they need to look good on this counteroffensive.

If any of this is true, the US is in big trouble, but I don’t if it is. However, people should hear it and decide for themselves.




  1. Lately, the ‘brilliant’ faux media and ‘enlightened’ politicians have been comparing this idiot comedic clown, zelensky, to Winston Churchill…who must assuredly be ‘turning in his grave’…


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