“How Chilling & Authoritarian It Is for DOJ to Pierce Attorney-Client Privilege”


Democrats in power have completely destroyed attorney-client privilege and due process. They leaked the Daniel Penny indictment in New York City before his lawyer knew. In many instances, they forced Donald Trump’s lawyers to talk about their private conversations with Donald Trump.

It’s unAmerican and authoritarian. They are shredding our Constitution every chance they get.

“Not discussed enough is how chilling and authoritarian it is for DOJ to pierce attorney-client privilege by criminalizing a document dispute between a POTUS and the Archives through a facially unconstitutional and politically weaponized interpretation of the Espionage Act,” Stephen Miller tweeted.

If they can do this to a former president, imagine what they can do to you.

Piercing Attorney-Client Privilege

Timothy Parlatore, who served as a criminal defense attorney for former President Donald Trump until last month, said that he “believes strongly the [Justice Department] team is engaging in misconduct to pursue an investigation of conduct that is not criminal.” He believes it could end the case before trial.

According to the New York Times, unsealing the attorney’s notes gave the prosecution a road map to build a case.

Parlatore harshly criticized the DOJ charging Trump with criminal counts for simply asking his attorney questions during a privileged conversation. “It should have never been a crime-fraud exception, and once it was, it should never have been the evidence for a charge… It’s insane.”

The former Trump defense attorney went on to say that this was followed by a series of wrongdoing by prosecutors during the grand jury process, during which prosecutors frequently asked about privileged attorney-client communications while telling the jury that for Trump’s team to invoke privilege was a sign of guilt. This alone would mean “that the entire grand jury process was flawed,” Parlatore said.

Prosecutorial Misconduct

There is also “prosecutorial misconduct.” There was “the attempted extortion or witness tampering of one of the attorneys,” One of Trump’s lawyers alleged that Justice Department counterintelligence chief Jay Bratt had attempted to exert inappropriate pressure on Trump co-defendant Walt Nauta and his attorney Stanley Woodward. Bratt threatened to charge Nauta if he didn’t help them. He also told the lawyer that it would help with his judgeship application if he helped.

Parlatore also was the lead author of a 10-page letter sent last month to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Michael R. Turner (R-Ohio). The letter offered the most detailed public defense of Trump’s conduct in the documents case to date, arguing that the former president didn’t know what was in boxes of material shipped to Mar-a-Lago and that the entire controversy would have been avoided if the National Archives and Records Administration had properly assisted him after he left the White House.

Then there’s Karen Gilbert…



  1. The democrats have support from the GOP leadership. We saw great prosecutorial abuse with Sessions and Barr. We know the dems are evil communists destroying our system. But I see this flurry of far too late complaining, which focuses on the dems only, as a Faux News narrative.

    Based on what has happened here, and how it has been allowed, I favor the formation of a new nation, after secessions. A crazy idea is to expect this to improve by complaining. The crooks have control, a vice grip, and will never give it up. They have so infested the GOP that they can go into a conservative state like Texas and impeach a decent AG.


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