How Illegal Crossers Votes Could Be Getting Counted


One of the Sentinel readers, Jonah Kyle, presented an interesting take on how illegal aliens could be counted on election night. I don’t have any proof of the following method of widespread stealing votes, but the premise is plausible. It’s also very alarming since more than 7 million illegal aliens poured in so far under Biden and most appear to settle in Republican districts.


“Just to be clear: The names of the illegals are all included on voter rolls. Now, they won’t go vote themselves at the polling stations, but are most commonly used by Democrat fraudulent vote operations in this manner:

Illegal’s name is “registered” onto the voter roll for the jurisdiction he moves to.

When the voting time comes, the Dem vote fraudsters use the name to create an illegal mail-in ballot in his name.

This is repeated for every illegal who “settles” in the voting district jurisdiction.

The ballot envelope includes a fake signature as well as (usually) fake addresses… many times the same address.

For instance, that is how a suburban house contains over 70 voters, mostly of illegal’s names.

On election night, after all the votes are returned from most jurisdictions, the vote counting is stopped in the crucial jurisdictions where the fraud takes place.

After the initial counting, the calculation is done to see how many fraudulent ballots need to be injected into the mix.

Enough ballots are injected, ensuring the Republican, who usually would have won handily, barely loses to the Democrat.

The cushion where the ballots are injected is calculated to not go over the top but to win by more than the set percentage that would mandate a full hand recount (usually 0.5% or less).

Once the counting is finished and the steal is complete, the Democrat is declared the “winner.”

Katie Hobbs

When Katie Hobbs stole the election from Kari Lake in Arizona, Lake sued in court. Initially, the judge did not allow the case to be brought up, but the state Supreme Court overruled the lower court and forced the case to be heard.

Once the case was started, Kari Lake’s team provided several dozen evidentiary proofs, with the BULK of the proof from ballots purported to be fraudulently created.

In fact, the exact method described in the above steps was incorporated, using the names of legal and illegal voters with ballots injected into the system after election night was over.

However, the judge ruled that there was not “sufficient evidence” to “prove” the fraud happened “in sufficient numbers” to prove Kari Lake’s case. In short, the steal method is VALIDATED, and even though it is as illegal as heck, the fraudulent votes count. THIS IS HOW IT’S DONE, FOLKS!!!”

THIS is the ABSOLUTE MAIN REASON why the illegals are flooding into the country now. WITHOUT the ability to steal votes using the illegals’ names, the Dems would be routed all over the place.



  1. Twenty-two states and Washington, D.C., are categorized by NCSL as having enacted or implemented automatic voter registration.

    In January 2016, Oregon became the first state to implement AVR. In what is sometimes referred to as the “Oregon model,” an eligible voter who interacts with the DMV is not asked whether they would like to register to vote, but instead automatically opted into registering. Shortly thereafter, the voter is sent a notification by mail informing them they were registered; they can opt out of registration by returning the notification.

    The Automatic voter registration (AVR) passed in 1993 with Democrat House and Senate.

  2. If this is happening, Republicans will rarely win elections. On the other hand, the Republicans are letting it happen, they know the elections are being stolen and do nothing to stop it! That’s a fact. Many groups throughout the country provide the proof, but are ignored or chastised.

  3. Uriah Heep said that the “Law was an ass”…couple of hundred years later, as evidenced, It has become decidedly MORE STUPID…


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