Hungary’s PM Wants the US to Let Them Run Their Own Country


Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban is Europe’s longest-serving prime minister, with 17 years in office. Orban first served as the head of Hungary’s government from 1998 to 2002 before returning to office in 2010, reports The Epoch Times.

He often disagrees with Brussels regarding illegal migration to Europe, traditional family values, domestic policy, and policy decisions surrounding the war in Ukraine.

He has fought with his country’s judiciary and foreign NGOs controlled by the likes of George Soros.

Mr. Orban is staunchly opposed to this war with Russia. Why would they support it? They have a tiny country and would be the losers. He doesn’t think we’d be in this position if Trump won. That’s why he supports Trump IMHO.

He did iterate his support for Donald Trump.

At an appearance at Bloomberg’s Qatar Economic Forum on May 23, reporters asked Orban if he would like to see Trump win the next election. He replied, “I hope so,” reported CNBC.

The Prime Minister was also asked about his opinion of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

“He is also a very good leader, but I belong to the club of the veterans, and the veterans support each other,” Orban said.


Mr. Orban also wants the European Union to “stand on its own interest in relation to China” rather than align with the United States.

“The interest of [the] United States and [the] interest of [the] European Union and the European countries in relation to China are definitely different,” Orban said Tuesday at the Qatar Economic Forum. “So this is the starting point.”

Watch the Tucker interview:



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