Ibram Kendi Got Boston U to Give His BIL a $600K Loan for a Penthouse


“Ibram X Kendi’s antiracism business at Boston University included the school loaning his brother-in-law $600,000 to help ‘cover the down payment for a $4.56 million luxury penthouse triplex,” Byron York wrote on X.

Tuition at Boston University is $59,816 a year.

Ibram x. Kendi, who has made a fortune off critical race theory, got Boston University to approve a $600,000 mortgage to an unnamed professor. The trust is controlled by Kendi‘s brother-in-law, Macharia Edmunds, reports Free Beacon.

Ibram X. Kendi’s real name is Henry Rogers.

Boston University has $3.56 million in outstanding 0% interest mortgages given to 13 professors. Only one of the professors made any payments on his loan, though some of the loans were over six years old, Free Beacon states.

The mortgage helped cover the down payment on a $4.56 million luxury penthouse triplex. The loan was at a low-interest rate of 4.91% and the applicant probably would not have been eligible for the loan at a bank.

Edmonds is a former Obama campaign official and attorney who serves as a global content policy lead for YouTube in San Francisco. Kendi, aka Rogers, is very vocal about black students disproportionately bearing the weight of student debt.

The borrower has no affiliation with Boston University except through Kendi, aka Mr. Rogers.

Kendi’s Center for Anti-Racist Research is under scrutiny. He has collected over $43 million since June 2020, laid off most of his staff, cut his budget in half, and produced only two original research articles. It has been described as a “spectacular failure.”





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