Iconic Empire State Building Used to Push Pfizer Vaccines


Pfizer, the Big Pharma vaccine bullies, sponsored an ad on iHeart radio about the lighting up of the Empire State Building in Pfizer Blue. The announcement was on Power 105.1. I wonder how much they paid to light up the Empire State Building.

The owners of the Empire State Building and iHeart whored out a New York landmark.


The Empire State Building Shines Pfizer Blue for Updated COVID-19 Shots, reports Power 105.1 FM iHeart Radio.

Seems like COVID’s everywhere again. But here’s good news from Pfizer!

This season’s updated COVID-19 shots are now available for ages six months and up, and they’re designed to help protect against recent variants.

That is why today, at 8 p.m., the Empire State Building turned its iconic building blue to announce that the CDC recommends everyone six months of age and older get this season’s updated COVID-19 shot. The blue light symbolizes our gratitude and appreciation for the updated vaccines and all those who made it possible.

COVID-19 isn’t gone, and vaccination remains one of our best tools to help protect against the virus that causes the disease. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about this season’s updated COVID-19 shots. Learn more and schedule at the CDC’s website, vaccines.gov.

Sponsored by Pfizer.

It’s not very impressive. The building was lit up to honor the 60th Anniversary of the Chinese Maoist Revolution.

File photo of the illuminated Empire State Building during Red China’s celebration of the 60th anniversary of Maoist rule.



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